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      MANY Years ago, I was gifted with some Brugmansia seedlings that were bred out of Monikas’ Meroo Taugtraum x Taita’s Gift.    I grew  a magnificent double-white flowered seedling with variable/abnormal foliage, incredible fragrance,  and extremely long & coiled corolla tips & eventually registered him as ‘Regalo’.

      Last year, I tried to add some color to his lines by pollinating him with Sarah S. , a wonderful   J.T. Sessions  Hybrid known for her incredible color-shifting traits.    The seedpod was very vigorous & the seeds were HUGE and almost all of them sprouted.   SO now, I am stuck in the middle of winter – taking care of these babies until June.   Oh; well.    At least half of them show ABNORMAL foliage – or at least abnormally dentate foliage at a very early stage.

      What Fun !

      It’s barely winter, & I’,m praying for Spring!!  

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        this is great news that you have crossed a modified CV ‘Regalo’. with a a strong coloured flower, this will give you a good chance of getting color in the seedlings

        with the modified seedlings you will know when you have true modifications, it should show up in the 3rd set of true leaves , well this is where most of mine show them selved.

        i do feel sorry for you having to try and keep them in the grow area for the next 6 months in your area, but if any one can do such a feat you sure can.

        good luck on this venture and we will be watching for results


          Thanks, Shaun.     I will do my best & hope there’s someone “interesting” lurking among the seedlings.

          These were hybridized & gifted to me by Dr. Alistair Hay, so there must be some good stuff in there.    Now, it’s my job to find it!


            You’re right, Shaun!     My seedlings are growing on a bit and the “munchira-like” leaf type is becoming much more prominent. Like this one:  So cute!    I’m actually surprised that it shows up when they are still so young.  I still have to keep them alive through the winter, but IF they make it til spring, they should be old enough to bloom next season.   I do hope there’s some cool color in there somewhere.


              i have about 2000 seedlings with Taita’s gift in the gene line, i am only waiting for the seedlings to hit there 6th set of true leaves then the ones that have no modification will be culled and those with the desired trait will be grown on till blooming,  with in that i will probably loose 1600 of them with no issues to cull.

              i still have over 10,000 seed to work with and i really don’t know what to do with so many,
              i have so many crosses with the Australian Cultivars to see what each cultivar will do with the modification.

              with your growing experience im sure you will get more then 1/2 of the seedlings to make it through the winter , unless some thing really happens with the electricity grid in the USA.


              the modification seems to occur between the 3 & 6 set of truer leaves if the modification is to be a trait in the seedling, which i have noticed over the last 4 years germinating them.

              if you would like some different genes to work with let me know and what Australian cultivar which interests you, many of Diane’s i do not have crosses for but i am happy with the  mix results i have.


              good luck and that seedling looks amazing and im sure you will get some good color from them , and if not back cross with one of the seedlings


                Only about 3/4 of this batch of seedlings are currently showing the modified (aberrant ‘munchira’) leaf-shape.   Most of the rest are strongly toothed and a few look “normal”  but – who knows?  BUT if I can can get them all through until summer, and if I get a SPECTACULAR flower color, twanger, shape, lasting ability, etc. , I won’t cull only on the basis of leaf shape.   I’ll have to wait and see.     Regalo has Super-twisty-twangers & an INCREDIBLE fragrance (to my nose) as well, so I will be selecting for fragrance also.     What I really want is COLOR!

                I know that it takes me many years up here to do what you guys in the south can do in a few months, but I’m still loving it!     Party On !


                  It is SO great to get your feedback Shaun!!     Australia now has the best selection of “munchira” genes and I feel very lucky to have a few of them.    I am also very lucky to get your advice!      I will do as you advise!    I wish for form & color.   & will let everyone know what I can find – This coming summer.    I HATE WAITING!


                    I didn’t have to wait very long before I got a whole  bunch of “WEIRD”  seedlings who started to display a lot of weird leaves on theses juvenile seedlings.   They are all in 4″ diameter pots  -under fluorescent & LED lights in my basement at Christmas time – coming up to the shortest day of the year.

                    Regalo x Sarah S.  is the cross.   I hope for Regalo’s leaf & flower form , but hopefully with some of Sarah S’s amazing, mystical/magical color-shifting aura!      —–  If Only!   —- The seedlings have INCREDIBLE vigor and are extremely  DARK GREEN .   I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with such a vigorous batch of seedlings this early in a winter season.   It IS quite a challenge for me.   (But I LIKE a challenge)   he said –   Hoping he’s right?


                      It’s Mid-Winter here.  We’ve got about 5 feet of snow outside & a cluster of shivering Brugmansias in the basement.

                      But!   Regalo, Cindy Ann, MEM, and Sarah S. have blessed me with indoor blooms.    I also have a tray (under lights) of 26 Regalo X Sarah S. Seedlings with really fun foliar abnormalities. & I can’t wait to plant these out come spring & see what we might get!!

                      Meanwhile, I tried a reverse pollination of Sarah S. x Regalo in the dark-ish basement & what should happen but ALL THREE  flowers set seed pods with Regalo as the pollen parent.    I Can’t wait  to see what these might create !!    There are three new seedpods (& they are all BIG already)  I probably should cut off the smallest one????    I’ll grow out one pod here and offer the second to BGI, of course, but what good is a third one?   I should probably cull the smallest one, shouldn’t I ?   I hope we’ll learn enough from two seed pods.???   They look like they are going to be BIG SEED PODS  !!       If I can get some good seeds from these, I will, of course send them to Patricia to share them with you all.

                      I’m preparing to send a bunch of fluffy Regalo pollen and some Bonus seeds of Ceropegia woodii   to the seed/pollen bank. – just so you all are aware.    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! Good Growing!


                        Hi Al, I just read this whole thread about your beautiful Regalo and the modified leaves of your seedlings. I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of your babies! How exciting.
                        I have a seedling with Regalo in the cross, so will have to see how she is doing today, after reading this.
                        Now I must get a Regalo so I can cross it with my newest cultivar I just sent in for registration. Pink Smitty x Shameless hyb by Edna Murphree. Twangers to die for, shifting colors of peach and pastel pink, darker peach, stuffed skirt, double to triple, prolific bloomer. Dark green, serrated foliage and the stoutest stems of any seedling I have grown to date.
                        The mother plant has been in the ground here in Florida for 4 years now, and I have cut and rooted her fat stems every winter, with all of them blooming true.
                        How are your seedlings doing now that Spring is on the way?


                          Some look like normal-leaved bruggie babies.  Others have some pretty Weird & Wild foliage.   They are all very impatient to get outside & see the sun!

                          It was looking like we might have an early  spring, but we just got over a foot of heavy, wet snow yesterday, so we’ll be digging out – all day – again.



                            Al, those leaves are looking amazing and I just hope you get some thing spectacular from this cross.

                            I have just posted to FB about 1 of my crosses Pink Panther X Rosada Mordida

                            I planted 10 seedlings and I have 100%modified seed from this cross

                            as you would have seen that the majority of the modified show up after the 3rd set of true leaves

                            in my growing area I have about 40 crosses and all most all crosses have produced modified leaves

                            but we are now heading in to the cold months so they will not be lifted and stay in situ


                              That’s so exciting, Shaun !   I can’t wait to see what surprises this next generation might bring!


                                You are SO right, Shaun!     They change their folair patterns almost every week.    Especially when they do hormonal shifts !

                                I’ve had a third seedling from this newest cross bloom for me today & I was astonished to see that the corolla was bright White except for some yellow lines running down the outer ridges of the corollas &  into the points.

                                And so it begins.    I shall follow this little girl & see how things go with her.

                                I LOVE the chase!


                                  Well, this one is boring as well.    The yellow streaks disappear within a day & the whole bloom becomes bright white.    And although she has very long and elegant petal tips, they are boring and white and then this one does that horrible “BROWN” thing.    UGH!    So it is also for the cull pile.

                                  Waiting for the next 12 seedlings.    Many of which already have buds.    Can’t Wait!

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