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    MANY Years ago, I was gifted with some Brugmansia seedlings that were bred out of Monikas’ Meroo Taugtraum x Taita’s Gift.    I grew  a magnificent double-white flowered seedling with variable/abnormal foliage, incredible fragrance,  and extremely long & coiled corolla tips & eventually registered him as ‘Regalo’.

    Last year, I tried to add some color to his lines by pollinating him with Sarah S. , a wonderful   J.T. Sessions  Hybrid known for her incredible color-shifting traits.    The seedpod was very vigorous & the seeds were HUGE and almost all of them sprouted.   SO now, I am stuck in the middle of winter – taking care of these babies until June.   Oh; well.    At least half of them show ABNORMAL foliage – or at least abnormally dentate foliage at a very early stage.

    What Fun !

    It’s barely winter, & I’,m praying for Spring!!  

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    this is great news that you have crossed a modified CV ‘Regalo’. with a a strong coloured flower, this will give you a good chance of getting color in the seedlings

    with the modified seedlings you will know when you have true modifications, it should show up in the 3rd set of true leaves , well this is where most of mine show them selved.

    i do feel sorry for you having to try and keep them in the grow area for the next 6 months in your area, but if any one can do such a feat you sure can.

    good luck on this venture and we will be watching for results


    Thanks, Shaun.     I will do my best & hope there’s someone “interesting” lurking among the seedlings.

    These were hybridized & gifted to me by Dr. Alistair Hay, so there must be some good stuff in there.    Now, it’s my job to find it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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