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Username/Password/Login Issues Why can’t I login to your website?
If you are having issues logging into our website, here are some tips to help. The “forums” of our website, located at requires you to login with your EMAIL ADDRESS and password. Also, make sure you are going to this address to login: There is also an option when logging into the forums to “remember me” so you will not have to login with every visit. We are not able to look up passwords for you, as they are encrypted in our database, but we can always reset the password for you if you would like us to do that. If these tips don’t help, and you are still having issues logging in, it is important that you include the error message you are receiving when you contact us. That will better help us to correct the problem for you.

Seed & Pollen Banks; How do I obtain seed or pollen from the Seed and Pollen Banks?
In order to receive seed or pollen from the Seed & Pollen Banks, you must be a subscribed member. The steps to join are outlined here or here Once you have purchased a subscription, and your user group has been changed to a subscriber, you will have access to the members only features. You will find the link to the seed and pollen banks at the top of the page in our forums where you will see a link that says “Marketplace”

How do I start Brugmansia seeds (root cuttings, air layer, pollinate, etc.)?
We have a large number of articles covering most aspects of growing and propagation. You can find those here. If these don’t answer your questions, feel free to contact us.

Contact Us/Support; How do I contact you if these FAQ do not answer my question?
If your question is not answered by these FAQ, you may send us a question or contact us here