Growing and Propagation of Brugmansia

Everyone has their own way of growing Brugs and these are some of the ways that have worked well for us.

Hybridizing Tips

Pollinating Brugmansia Flowers

Hybridizers pollinate the flower of one cultivar with the pollen of another to create a new cultivar. Sometimes the results are spectacular.

Hybridizing Goals

Hybridizing Brugmansia is very simple. It doesn’t require advanced knowledge of genetics or a large garden to grow the seedlings out.

Evaluating Seedlings

Many reasons exist for evaluating brugmansia seedlings. To keep our gene pool strong by eliminating weak and genetically inferior seedlings, we need to follow a few rules.

Growing From Seed

Starting Seeds

Hopefully the following information will be useful when you begin the challenge of growing brugmansia seed at home. It is fun, challenging, and rewarding when you see the end result.

Soilless Seeds Starting

As many of our more delicate species are successfully reared without soil than are reared with it, I decided to put my skills to the test.

Growing From Cuttings

Air Layering

On some cultivars, air layering a stem from a temperamental cultivar — rather than taking a cutting, is preferred.

Rooting Cuttings in Sphagnum Moss Rolls

Begin by gathering all your supplies and your cuttings. I put cuttings of the same cultivar in a roll so there is no confusion. The cuttings are best of they are larger, woody cuttings, not soft green cuttings.

Overwintering in Bubblers

One of the easiest ways to overwinter in cold climates without taking up much room is by using bubbler buckets.

Starting Cuttings

The only way to grow the brugmansia cultivar you love is to start from cuttings. Here are several methods that work well.

Pests and Diseases


This is an incurable disease known to be in Europe and the United States. It is our recommendation that you check your plants on a regular basis and use a sterilizing regime in cleaning your tools.

Common Brugmansia Pests

If there is one thing that brugmansia growers are not fond of, it is any kind of worm or bug. However, when you are growing brugmansia, getting used to and dealing with them is an everyday thing.

Hybridizers Database

Evaluating Seedlings

Hybridizing Goals

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