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As ICRA for Brugmansia and Datura, we have a responsibility to ensure that your new cultivar is named in accordance with the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. The Registrar will be very happy to advise you on such technical issues, should any arise.

A key consideration is whether the plant is a cultivar. We currently recognise five types of cultivar in Datura.

Long-lived, perennial plants, propagated vegetatively. These are clones (like most cultivars in Brugmansia). Typically they would be cultivars of D. wrightii or D. innoxia which are perennial species. These cultivars are derived from a single seedling (or a sport) and must have been vegetatively multiplied to qualify as a cultivar.

The remaining types of cultivar in Datura are propagated by seed. Typically they are cultivars of D. metel, D. stramonium (incl. D. tatula), and potentially other annual species. There seem to be four types of seed-propagated cultivars actually or potentially occurring in Datura. As with other types of cultivar, there is a requirement for stability, in the first three of these cases from generation to generation. We estimate that observations over 4-5 generations are needed to discern if the cultivar is stable. Likewise, F1 hybrids (which are between species, or between inbred lines) need to have been made repeatedly to discern if the desired cultivar characteristics are consistently produced.

  • Uniform [with respect to the selected characteristic(s)], short-lived, more or less annual plants, propagated by seed, consistent from generation to generation.
  • Mixed, short-lived, more or less annual plants, propagated by seed, the mixture more or less constant generation after generation
  • A particular form, selected each generation from amongst mixed seedlings of short-lived, more or less annual plants, propagated by seed.
  • Consistent F1 hybrids repeatedly made from the same specified parents.


We are not here to pass judgement on the quality of your cultivar! However, we mention in passing that it may be worth your considering whether a proposed new cultivar is actually contributing something new, different or better, at least within the country in which it has been raised. There is a field in the registration form for “noteworthy characteristics” where you can indicate the new cultivar’s strong, interesting or unique points.


Your listing will be evaluated for thoroughness and the name checked for correctness. Your photos will also be evaluated. Please submit photos that are at least 600 x 600 pixels in size, but no larger than 250K file size. The blooms should be featured prominently in the photograph, and very clear. 4 photos are required. 3 with blooms from different angles (2 different side shots, and one photo of the face of the bloom) , one of the overall plant/shrub. By uploading your images on this form, you give BGI permission to use those photos in other areas on BGI’s website, such as the Galleries or the Databases, and on BGI’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you prefer we do not use these photos in any place other than the Database and published in The Herald, please check that option in the form below.

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