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    Lovely things, I tried to grow a couple of cuttings last year but no luck….

    Glad that you are doing well with yours, Dawna and Mario.


    Mario did you attempt to pollenate them?

    I can get Culebra to set small pods and then they fall off. Everytime the plant has had to be put in the house due to the season. Perhaps to dry of air??????????????


    i will try to polinate with quinde!!!

    i know its almost unposibel to polinate a culebra,so lets try


    I have been growing 'Culebra' for over 15 years and hav,e had my misfortune with it as well I bought about 6 plants in the start to make sure that I would have one to grow and succeed which it did the the plant I bought that many years ago is now over 7 foot tall and blooms 3-4 times per year.

    I find that the best way to do cuttings are in a coir & perlite mix which allows the water to leave the pots and not keep it to wet, I also find that if the soil is to heavy the plant sulks and could possibly die from this.

    I have a garden plot 4×4 bricks and 3 rows high befor planting in to this I composed and added perlite & Dynamic lifter and let it compost for about 3 months than planted 'Culebra' in to it it took about 12 months to asstablish it self and then took off

    Edited to say;;

    I also have seed switch 'Culebra' in it

    Aurea (form) x.Culebra which was harvested in November 2012 and distributed to 3 growers and myself which the plants are looking very nice even tho they have been attacked by green slugs from cabbage butterfly and aphids which have been rectified at this point

    I will be trying another cross this year also this time ill be trying to develop it with all of my aurea's to see what may come of them!

    chrissy T

    Yes mine are growing well too Shaun …and the cutting has gone mad now after I put it out into the Sun (had it under shade cloth before). I think it enjoys the more sandy mix.



    From what size flowered Culebra ?


    Regards Yvonne


    At what size dose Culebra bloom

    The smallest cutting I have had bloom is about 1 1/2 foot tall I have never had one shorter bloom for mr in more the 15 years

    But when it gets going it really is a stunning show

    Enlighten Treasures

    You all have gotten me stirred up with all your wonderful pictures on this thread, I have had my culebra about a year now and haven’t really paid a whole lot of attention to it, other than keeping it alive. I will have to start pampering it and see if I can make it grow a little more and bloom.  It is about 2 foot tall with 3 stems, a little bald at the bottom from getting too dry. I have it in the sun right now, not on purpose it just got moved there after coming outside during a freeze scare and never got moved back to a better location. I fertilize it with the rest of my brugs but I give it less and less water. I need to adjust something to get it going.


    would love to try one , if its rare and hard they need to be spread around before some lumber company kills all the wild ones

     maybe lots of pumice and peat or compost would be a good soil mix , I use it for lots of plants that want a lot of water but not wet feet


    i have been growing Culebra for more then 15 years and have a small colony of 4 plants to a height of 9 foot tall.

    in the first few years it was very testy as i was trying to find a balance for the boy!

    i have now found that and its very happy being in the pot that is earthed in to the ground

    the only real issue is that it attracts mites like bears to Honey!

    the lanced shaped leaves can reach up to 50 cm long and 2 inches wide, the corolla is not a typical Brugmansia flower as its corolla is cut in to petals that make it even more of an oddity which i do like 


    Shaun the one I got last year grew very well. I had it in a pot and sunk into the ground. It grew beautifully. When I carried it to the GH the mites almost took it over. I removed some leaves and sprayed with Forbid and he’s back to normal.


    I adore this plant !


    Mine is growing just in the garden and fingers crossed, it has buds on each of it’s Y’s…they are about 2ins long….whoo hoo….first time flowering for it and it’s 3yrs old…

    It did have one bud in Spring but that dropped off….


    Mine is covered in tiny buds right now.  When I got mine last year it went from about 12 inches to 3′ in one season so I was very happy 😉

    Enlighten Treasures

    My Culebra got wet feet last year from all the rain and I didn’t realize it but the roots were rotting.  I walked by it one day and bumped it and it flipped to the side broke off at the soil line on one side.  I pulled it out and broke off all the dead parts and repotted it in a smaller pot with fresh soil and it is doing great, it was wilted for a couple of days and no more wilting after that, so I quess it will live.  I have never had it bloom, I will have to work on that.


    It’s sounding good for the Culebras….

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 56 total)
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