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    One of my very favorites. I do have trouble rooting her, after upteen trys I got one that lived.
    She never wilts, keep underwatered. Only bugs that seem to like her are mealys, so keep away from coleus, etc.


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    I like it too, and the strange squareish shape of the flower buds.

    Mites found mine in the GH, and in about 2-3 nights all but destroyed it! I think every mite in the neighborhood got the word and attacked. Raid killed them, but they did a lot of damage very fast!

    From 5 cuttings two are living. I plan to try cuttings again in spring, and may have better luck.


    Culebra has been setting and dropping buds all summer. Once again she’s getting close to blooming. We’ve had heavy rains all summer and she doesn’t like that, I’m going to put plastic over the soil in pot and hand water, instead of letting the rain get to her. (note: yellow leaves are from too much water on Culebra)

    Easiest brug I grow.


    Bonnie, I’ve got the TEENY-TINIEST culebra cutting, and it is nicely green and alive, in her Solo cup, but as for growth above the soil, forget it !! I see enough roots to pot her up soon and just wanted to pick your brain about anything else I should be doing as she graduates into her 1-gal this weekend. I keep her quite dry, in mottled shade, and fertilize only very lightly.

    Culebras appreciate the warmer environs, right ?? I guess I just expected her to flourish here, but no ! hehe.

    Bless her heart, I just want to watch her to GROW !!

    Maybe she just spent the last 4 months working on roots ??

    Advice ??


    well, give it some sun! I fertilize it like the others too. It is very slow growing, but well worth it. The only thing I’ve found that she doesn’t like is too much water.


    Thanks, Bonnie.

    I’d potted her into the Solo, and then just left her where I’d put her right away…. DUH !!

    Gotta figure out a way to give her more sun … OY !!

    Even I don’t want any of this August Tx sun !! And THAT’s saying something.. just ask Craig !! haha.

    Since I was keeping her dry, (not sure where I’d learned that) she didn’t get a dose of fert every time all the rest did.

    OK, I’ll pot her up, bring her closer to me on the patio so she can get some of the searing morning sun .. hehe… and fertilize a bit more, too. Appreciate it.

    Y’all might really giggle to see her in a 1-gal… I’ll be sure to get one


    Graduation day for my baby … she’s 1.5″ high ! …. great root system, at least

    Grow, baby, grow !

    I THINK I got it from Carter, but perhaps Maggz ??

    Next RU, I’ll write things down immediately !!

    Yeah, right.


    From Carter, I’ve got one too.

    Mine’s not much further along, but it looks healthy enough.

    Maybe we’ll be able to post photos of our ‘Culebra’ blooms next year, Pambi!


    Mine has those yellow leaves also. I don’t have any buds or blooms as yet but it has y’ed this year. This is the closest I have been to any blooms. I got mine from Gloria Lessner at the first Fl. swap. I have it in a 5 gallon pot and sure hope to see blooms this year. Bonnie where does the buds form. I was looking today and I have something forming in the very top that doesn’t look like leaves but I’m not sure. Do the leaves do as the regualar Brugs as far as having one side higher than the other? How tall is yours?


    Just like a regular brug Jim, same places. One thing with this one, don’t overpot, it won’t like it. Yes, the leaves are subequal above the Y. Mine is about 4′ in a pot.


    Thanks for the info. I think maybe mine is about 2 1/2 foot tall. It sure looks better this year than any past years. I even have a side shoot that needs to be pulled and rooted.


    WOWSER !! That’s GREAT !!


    Crimany Jeremy! You sure do know how to make a Brug happy!


    WOW very nice!!!


    Mine has grown well, but tiG’s right – she don’t like to be too wet. Mine has also been dropping buds all summer – I’m figuring it on the heat, as all brugs I’ve had budding out have dropped them or the flowers have been poorly formed.

    Pambi & Maggi – y’all’s came from me at out Spring RU.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 56 total)
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