Cultivar Name: Versicolor Pink
Name Status: Neither Established or Accepted
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: Pink
Flower Form: Single
Flower Position: Pendant

B. ‘Versicolor Orange’, B. ‘Versicolor Peach’, B. ‘Versicolor Pink’ and B. ‘Versicolor Salmon’: These names seem to have drifted into being in the USA from descriptive tags for various examples of B. versicolor. The names B. ‘Versicolor Peach’ and B. ‘Versicolor Orange’ are now in widespread use. They were established in Hay et al. (2012). The established name B. ‘Salmon Peach’ may be applicable to B. ‘Versicolor Peach’. However, if that is the case, in our view the name B. ‘Versicolor Peach’ should take priority on the grounds of its far more extensive use. That a name should be adopted in such circumstances does, however, require a formal determination to be made by the ICRA (2009 ICNCP, Art. 11.5).

“Versicolor Pink” and “Versicolor Salmon” do not seem to be in extensive enough use to be considered to have become cultivar names. They are not established.