Cultivar Name: Sweet Jaffa

Elizabeth Fichtl

Seedling Parent:

Jean Briggs (Australia)

Breeding History Set: cubensis
Name Status: Established and Accepted
Publication: BGI Herald 9 (3) 2013
Pod Parent: ‘Perfect Harmony’
Pollen Parent: ‘The Chief’
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: Orange
Flower Form: Single
Flower Position: Nodding
Flower Shape: Intermediate Funnel Trumpet

Y’s at around 4′- 5′. nice branch spread. Sets plenty of buds which tend to open pale yellow then turn orange from midway to end of the corolla. Top remains paler
Most flowers have 6 or more petal points.
Has been consistent for three years. Has some resistance to spider mites and does well in hot weather.. Has shown no sign of any malformation of blooms.