Cultivar Name: Lorraine Crichton

Petrutza Vanco (USA)

Seedling Parent:

Shaun Douglas (Australia)

Breeding History Set: cubensis
Pod Parent: Betty Marshall x.?
Pollen Parent: Rosalla
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: White/Cream
Flower Form: Double or More
Flower Position: Nodding
Flower Shape: Trumpet

a very nice plant; first bloomed in 2013 with petaloides and has now settled with true double corolla with good separation of each skirt; the tube has light tinge of lime on a white flower and is about 25cm long and about 14 cm wide at the petal tips; originally grew to about 2 m tall but once cut back and potted up for over 4 years has not grown more then 1 meter tall; the fragrance is a strong lemon grass and is one of the best citrus scents i have come across.

Named in memory of my beloved mother.