Cultivar Name: Best of Ocre

Hans-Georg Preissel

Name Status: Neither Established or Accepted
Publication: Kirchner-Abel et al. (2004)
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: Orange
Flower Form: Single

B. ‘Best of Ocre’ contravenes Art. 21.24 of the 2009 ICNCP, as it might exaggerate the merits of the cultivar and become confusing with the introduction of new cultivars with comparable characteristics, and may not be established.

According to Dr. Preissel “This is one plant from an assemblage of plants, which belong to my breeding-program for a multiline of Ocre: the Ocre Strain. Seedlings of that strain should retain the character of the cultivar Ocre. So it is possible to propagate the “Ocre-character” by seed”