Cultivar Name: Angels Flight Variegated

Anne Kirchner-Abel

Breeding History Set: candida
Name Status: Established and Accepted
Publication: Hay et al. (2012)
Year Released: 2006
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: Apricot/Melon/Peach
Flower Form: Double or More
Flower Position: Pendant
Flower Shape: Trumpet
Foliage: Variegated
Variegation Pattern: Green on Green
Sport (Original Cultivar – usually for variegated foliage) Angels Flight

B. ‘Angels Flight Variegated’: this cultivar, a sport of B. ‘Angels Flight’, has appeared in Kirchner-Abel retail lists for 2008/9 and 2009/10 as “B. × candida forma pleno forma variegata ‘Angels Flight’” or “B. ‘Angels Flight’ variegata”. Changed slightly in Hay et al. (2012) to bring it in line with the ICNCP.