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    This Perky little single cubensis was hybridized by  Monika Gottschalk  using  Sacajawea  x Luminosa  and it was then grown out by Alice Harris here in the USA.


    If you adore the smaller blooms and tidy plants, this one really shines.  It bears its blooms facing out – almost horizontally – enough to show off the face of the flowers and is very generous about blooming early & often.   Its other outstanding quality, in my opinion, is its fragrance.  It is very strong and outspoken and reminds me of Mandarin Twist a bit. Definitely NOT the baby-powder scent.  My wife actually objects to it as “too strong” for her tastes and I must admit, that when it blooms indoors, it can be hard to tolerate for long.


    The plant seems to grow very reliably for me with no serious problems whatsoever and does not try to turn into a monster or a tangled-up shrub like some brugs do.


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    Very nice foliage on this one Al, these small uncomplicated cultivars are a pleasure to have in the garden.


    That’s a worth having plant!! I love it!


    What a treasure Alvin I’m going to have to add this one to my WishList



    I have a minature bloom of this on a cutting.

    Can’t wait to see what it can do in our climate.


    Instagram ilike2brugit


    Wayne, I bet you’ll have a BALL with it.    It’s SO generous with constant growth & blooms (at least for me)


    You too Bob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Everyone who can get a hold of it should at least try it.   If you don’t like it, I’ll be very surprised & repentant.


    Thank-you for the review Al. I do like the singles and a little charmer like that deserves a try.  I like the long narrow leaf shape as well.  How is it for mite resistance?  After my battles last summer that has become a #1 priority for me.


    I have never had a problem with TCS.   It has never made my “BAD MITE” List.    Although I can’t say I think there are many that seem to be truly susceptible OR resistant to mites.   The mites seem to hit whichever cultivar that gets in their way in my experience   –  -  - except for Janet Reno & Culebra.      Janet Reno & Culebra both seem to be able to generate spidermites out of the Universal Nothingness of Black Matter.   (???????)


    I would put Terra Cotta Star on the GOOD GUY List in the bug department – though – no guarantees.


    Hmmm, no mite resistant varieties? Next you’ll tell me there’s no Easter bunny either.

     I was throwing brugs away last season because they were so savaged. Some responded to treatment better, so I thought there might be a City of El Dorado. I had one Noid in particular (which I strongly suspect is Charles Grimaldi) that , although attacked bounced back very well.  Hence my Fountain of Youth quest.  Upon consideration, it may just be that some hybrids are more adaptable to our unusually cool summer temps and so have the vigor for a better fight. Finding those warm group plants is a better goal.   

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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