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    I received two nice cuttings of Shaman’s Dream in the fall of 2003 (before it was BCRA registered in 2004, I believe )
    (In the gallery, those are my plants.)
    They were both potted into 1gal after easily rooting, and spent the 2003 and 2004 winters indoors.
    After our frostfree date of mid-March (sort of ), the potted plants received the mostly-shaded north side of my home, until the fall/autumn of 2005, when the potted plant was kept through winter of 2005 in springhouse, and the other inground.
    Shaman’s Dream has faithfully bloomed for me each and every spring and fall, without fail.
    We’ve had such strange weather, that some Y’d branches have not bloomed, but at least one will always do so.
    She’s had very few bug probs, although mites are usually a battle on ALL of my brugs when our Zone 8 heat hits, so they can her, too.. they don’t seem to phase her much, at least.
    She opens in daylight, which I love.. .scents at dusk, and retains scent through the early morning hours, til about 10 am !! She stays open all day, too, which I also love about her.
    The inground ShD has returned from the rootball, although I see no Y as of yet… if we have a ‘decent’ summer, it may come soon. surely by/in the fall.
    This brug has been a true delight for me.
    The cuttable parts of her right now, are already spoken for, but I may have more in the fall, from the inground plant.
    We can only hope she’ll continue to do well through THIS ’06 Tx summer !!


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    Bless her heart… this is today’s pic, her fourth day open.

    Yesterday’s RECORD 97 degrees (F) had absolutely NO adverse affects on her. She’s darkening some with age, but not quite to #3 on the chart.

    She’s just the energizer bunny, I swear !

    Oh, and I found a teensy bud on another branch, too.. YAY !

    it won’t think it’s too hot to stay on (or make more) !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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