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    Thsi is one of my nicer pinks. It has taken the zone 7b summer very well. I have not had much of a bug problem with it.


    It also does well here in NW Florida.It puts on a good show and stands the heat and humidity well.


    JT, The one I ordered from you filled a one Gal. pot in no time with roots and is now in the ground. I’d say so far it’s fast grower :)


    I love the color of this one as well. Mine grew really fast in the greenhouse this past winter from a small plant. Has had several nice flushes. It is a good pod parent also.


    I just had to post and say – I love this brug. Got this one from JT just a couple months ago. This is the second blooming, but the first real flush. Just BEutiful no?? Seems to like the heat and full sun just fine.


    a closeup of her bloom..rather petit but a beautiful form and color…

    Took her pollen and touched her to a Butterfly X Creamsicle seedling I held over from last year. The pod took well and is growing fast. Good pollen donor

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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