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    A beautiful brug whose color under the right conditions can border on red.
    She is grown here in zone 10b. She is a very rapid grower, not much bothered by brugs and has regular flushes about every 4 weeks. She has very large flowers. She is usually setting her next flush of blooms just as the previous flush dies off.
    I have had great success crossing her with other brugs. The flowers have beautiful form with a flouncy corolla that is colored all the way up. She holds up well in the heat and has a very pleasant fragrance.
    A perfect package!!






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    One of the best of the best bloomers. Nice dark pink. Not picky about placement and a strong grower. Easy to set pods on and easy to root. Very nice fragrance. Blooms in nice big flushes.


    Both Gary & Sultry are warm-climate growers.   I am way up North in the snow-belt, but I MUST agree with everything they have said. (above)


    Painted Lady can put out a Very Dark Pink – almost Red color, has excellently pleasant fragrance in abundance, and flowers almost constantly and with great generosity!   Another quality (perhaps one reason for her name??)  is that she is quicker than any other brug I know,  to set a seed pod.   What an “easy” propagator!   I think she deserves much more attention than she has had.  – Just my opinion.

     This one is a treasure in my humble opinion!!    Please do Not let this one fade away.    I hope Many of you still have this cultivar in your collections ?


    Painted lady is absolutely one of my favorite brugs. I will be very happy when mine flush this year.


    Me too, Rhaps!    I’ve made duplicates of mine so I can have multiple plants of her.

    Simply exceptional !


    It is that deep pink that gets me.  So very vibrant.  It is a keeper in my collection for sure!


    I still keep more Painted Ladies than copies of anything else.

    Nope, now that I re-counted. I have exactly as many Miss Emily MacKenzies too.


    PL has darker & better color though.


    Painted Lady is Still alive & well & blooming in northern Michigan!

    And I love her still !

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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