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    Mike Pettit BGI President

    A completely new user friendly BGI website has been developed by our member Sissi It will be introduced very shortly, the data held on our original site is being transferred over I must apologise for the disruption that this is causing I can assure you that this new site will show our beloved Brugmansia’s in a new light!!!!!

    My thanks go to Edna, Al, and Shaun who have collaborated with Sissi on producing the new site

    Not long to go!!!!!



    Excellent, looking forward to seeing up and running and giving a boost to our beloved site.


    https:// bloomingbrugmansia.uk@blogspot
    https:// thegravelgardener.uk@blogspot


    In my opinion this will be the injection that BGI needs for the next 10 years

    it looks great and is much easier to navigate 


    :smiley-cheers:  :happy-clap:  :happy-clap: 



    Looking forward to the new site! I’ll make sure to spread the news when its ready! Thanks Sissi!


    It’s going to take a little while to get this done. The site is old and is massive, so Sissi has a huge job to do. She is working as hard as she can to get us all fixed up.


    That’s exciting news.  Thanks Sissi!


    Just looking around and trying the new forum out. Seeing how to post images .

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    It’s pretty easy to post images now that I’ve discovered the little “picture” icon above (on the top right when you are posting).  To be sure my photos are a good size to post, I always reduce the size to 480 x 360.  The difference in resolution is completely unnoticeable (unless you are trying to create a huge masterpiece).   Put your cursor where you want to insert the picture.  Click on the “picture” icon above, then click on the camera.  Find your photo – Open,  & then Please Wait a few seconds until the Source URL completes & then click OK.

    Our first fall frost happened a couple nights ago, so I was busy hauling a few Brugs in to shelter, but most of them are watered by a couple sprinklers that I have set up, so I turned the sprinklers on at 01:00 a.m. and left it running until 09:00 later that morning.   The lawn and veg. garden were white with frost , but the brugs were fine.  Chilly, but fine.

    Now starts the fall “Haul-In”.

    I didn’t have time to tidy anything up, but here are some pics of a few of the last blooms of 2019 on my Brugs:


    Mandarin Twist:         

    Andrew’s Gold: 

    Ecuador Pink:  

    Miss Emily MacKenzie:

    Culebra (just budding up):



    Painted Lady (pale in the cold) :

    New Orleans Lady:

    Cindy Ann  (first day open):

    Cindy Ann’s finished color (earlier photo):

    Regalo (In the hoop-house hiding from the frosts):


    What a great display from you Alvin,  even though the temps are against you.

    Cindy Anne continues to impress with its growth and blooming habit

    You even got Snowbank to flower,  I tip my hat sir!

    Good luck with the haul in, never a pleasant experience


    https:// bloomingbrugmansia.uk@blogspot
    https:// thegravelgardener.uk@blogspot


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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