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    Very vigorous grower, with medium to large Versi type leaves that are dark green. Prefers filtered sunlight, but not complete shade. Won’t create flushes without some direct sun. Often, leaves will drop due to excess heat, but buds tend to hold tight, dropping few at 92-95F. Severe bud drop when near 100F.

    Flowers slowly color up from a lime green, to light yellow, to peach blush by late night. Flower does age to a rich peachy apricot color. Intense nighttime fragrance that can last up to mid morning and for the first 3 or 4 nights. Thick waxy flowers, showing traits of Versicolor and Aurea which can last for up to 9 days given proper weather/shade conditions. Very difficult to propagate from softwood cuttings.



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    I concur completely, Planty. I’m in the process of moving mine to beneath a Ylang Ylang tree.


    My NOL bloomed all summer, never dropped a single bud here in NNY. She did however have all single blooms for the first 6 weeks, then her beautiful doubles.

    She seys pods very easily.


    Here’s some of the mature flowers of NOL. The deeper coloration is nice, and it’s one of those aforementioned which deepens when the weather cools. I believe it’s the Aurea influences ?

    The single is on day 5, and the flush is fresh open to day 3.

    btw – the bees are going crazy!





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    Yummy is right.. My whole yard smells like a fresh batch of Lemon Wafers!


    I can't believe I never posted a nice NOL flush in the Brug Review Section… I posted it somewhere else, but i think for reference sake, it's much better to have here… in all her glory…



    georgeous, as always, mine Bloomed, but the Blooms were stuffed, I like the way yours look



    Birthday Greetings to me…. (more)

    about 9 flowers are blooming, but this one is particularly spectacular..


    This lady just does not skip a beat! The buds you can see developed through the worst of our weather and made it, with no more protection than a thin shadecloth, even though they are high up in the 12 foot tall tree. Throughout the end of January, we had HARD rain for 6 days, cold cold nights, wind that knocked many of the leaves off, you name it..

    Ridiculously amazing lady she is.


    That's got to be the loveliest NOL that I have ever seen!


    Brugmansia New Orleans Lady.  Pretty medium double bloom.  Bloom seems to be more compact then the other doubles I have seen.  Medium orange color to my eyes.  Some of my blooms are white and change to orange with time. Nice fragrance.





    Patricia Watson

    I think NOL is my very favorite brug. and one I will always grow . I noticed this morning that mine has buds on it. I hope my blooms open as pretty as yours did.


    How do you like the evening fragrance ???  I have yet to get my NOL cutting to bloom for me here.


    Al ~ I love the aroma in my back yard.  With all the brugs I have in bloom the whole neighborhood smells great.  I can’t wait for yours to bloom for you as well.  She is a keeper.


    I want to see if the amount of bloom booster makes a difference in the fragrance load per bloom.




    Rhaps, you have to be extremely proud to see those lovely blossoms you are getting. Worth all the work!! Congrats!!! This one is :blow:   :happy-clap:   :happy-clap:

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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