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    Apparently, no one knows the history of this brug. I got mine from DonnaB and it has never disappointed me, the skirts have always dropped nicely, and the bugs and cats seem to leave it alone. The scent is nice but light. The blooms last longer than any double I’ve ever had too!

    Another note–it’s been such a crazy summer, it hardly got any food, last year it grew and bloomed a lot more with more better conditions and feeding.

    Pics from BGI gallery.

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    That’s one stunning specimen.

    Beautiful plant, Vi

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    I agree with Vi. The flowers are never distorted as is the case on a lot of the doubles. It is a constant bloomer….even in the awful weather this past summer. It is now December 4th, and it is still outside…blooming away.

    The only downside I can think of on this one is that its leaves sometimes get funky-looking…..no bugs, no disease. (Maybe I need to change its diet??)


    I do love this Brug. It has made a good pod parent which produced a lot of nice doubles and singles for me last year. It is great for the greenhouse or gardens.


    It did not like my part of Florida.


    Doesn’t like Ohio either. Never wanted to drop the inner skirt, when I checked it, it was always wet inside and had started to rot. Many, many blooms, same thing. Guess we have too much humidity.


    I didnt think of that. Could have been the humidity here.


    I know I have looked at others photos of HDW and wondered what happend to mine? LOL. :idunno: I probably should have kept it and crossed it anyway.


    Dose any o e have any idea of the leaves if this cv

    Do the leaves have a velvet texture to them ?

    What color are the leaves ?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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