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    Laura Trevino

    Does anyone know why my Brug is dropping leaves?  They grow back and drop again. Then the cycle starts again. It’s in a pot, planted about 6 months ago. I keep getting conflicting info re: water, too much not enough, fertilizer, too much, not enough. Please tell me the correct info or tell me where I can find it.  Thanks!


    In my experience, brugs drop leaves as soon as the leaf’s function starts to decline. my brugs drop leaves almost every day.  They are always making newer, younger leaves and the older ones must go.   Especially when the plant is getting ready to bloom.  Once a leaf starts to yellow, it never greens back up.  When I’m out dong the daily morning watering of my brugs, I just use the watering wand to help snap off any yellow leaves and afterwards, I rake up all the yellow leaves and fallen blooms and compost them.  It is business as usual for my plants.


    I am in California.  Most of the time mine drop leave because of a charge in the weather.  I have found that adding a little Epson salt helps.


    Good to see you again, Rhaps !  

    Many Smiles.

    Yeah; Brugs drop leaves easily, but it’s not really a big problem.   They will do it when the feel they need/want to.   No worries.

    Sharon Manuel

    Help! My Brugmansia is very skinny. Leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Any suggestions?

    I joined this forum today to connect with you experts. Your help appreciated.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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