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    AxelRose, sport of Peaches and Cream, Grows much faster than the parent plant is known to. The green on green variegation is nearly yellow on green on new leaves, gradually darking as the leaves age, to a green on dark blue green.
    Grown in mostly sun in ground in hot humid conditions, it showed no signs of wilt and proved very bug resistant.
    Pendant Peach/Apricot flowers, app 14″from branch, It blooms often and freely with strong good fragrance, and set pods very easily. Cuttings have rooted quickly and easily as well. Hopefully as a pod parent it will open the door to more colorful variegates in the future.

    Axelrose bloom14.jpg

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    Mine is growing very well and the colors of the leaves are outstanding.


    He’s a quick grower, at 1st the color was weak but since it’s been in the ground here in zone 9a not only is he growing and showing a great variegation but is growing on me as well! I missed a photo of the flowers on the last flush but will snap one soon.


    You will sylvie

    Mine in mostly sun shows the best of the variegation; in dim lighting it isn’t nearly so striking. With no white, it doesn’t seem any more inclined to burn that the normal greens do; it just gets more interesting. And there is no doubt about who it is when you see it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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