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    I love this brug. It does smell as good as they say. This picture is from about a month ago, I forgot to post it, sorry. I now have a seedpod on it about 2″ big.


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    Very nice tiG,, this is one I want just for the scent…plus I like the fact that it is self fert.


    tiG the one you gave me this spring is doing so well. It is going to bloom soon!


    Nice Gloria!

    I t hink I am right behind ya Delisa!

    Well, mine has just started to Y, at least!


    Very I said before, this is one I really like.. Recieved seeds just a short time ago..Planted them on the 11th of June so far nothing..But I will wait awhile longer. Mean time I will enjoy all of your’s.


    I have 2 of these plus some very small seedlings. The trouble is I never labeled the 2 big ones. So I have to fiqure out which ones they are. Could someone post a picture of a closeup of the leaves for me. Pretty Please, and maybe also the bloom. I know it is supposed to be different, but I can’t tell by the pictures in this post to well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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