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    This almost feels presumptuous, since I only have two small cuttings to observe right now.
    I know there are several others that have much more experience with AR than I do, but I could never find a Review on her.
    So, I’ll start ! haha

    Received two great, woody, rooted cuttings from BigAl in Fall ’05, which I potted up within a week. They both went into the same 1gal pot, to save room. They never even dropped any leaves through the winter in our springhouse, and often had budlets which soon dropped off… totally expected for the season and the swings in OUR winter conditions.
    Even with signs of mites on some others, I don’t recall seeing any on these guys.
    At about 24″ tall, they were moved outside around the end of March, and one cutting had 1-2″ buds. Those held up through alot of winds, and I’m posting a pic of her first-day bloom, after having opened outdoors last evening, @ about 95F ! YAY. Sort of a “brug+citrus” perfume ! YUM !!
    Inside, @ around 78F all day, she’s remained opened (no scent), and the second bloom appears to be unfurling, slowly, too !! Cool beans !!
    More details to follow, as I watch my new favorite do her thing !
    (I’ve harvested her pollen, and this one has been crossed with Pink Velvet)


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    err… “rotted” cuttings? Methinks “rooted’, perhaps? lol!


    Happy for you Pambi! I never noticed that there was no “Brug Review” on Apricot Riese. Thanks for starting this. I got my original cuttings from JT – three of them – and grew them in different locations in my gardens last year. One in mostly shade – maybe two hours of sun mid-day. The other two in full sun – one in humousy manured soil and the other in sandier soil. All three performed marvelously for me with little noticeable difference. The fragrance was noticable accross the yard and they were among the first brugs to bloom and were very generous with flowers. The blossom has smooth, round curves and looks almost as if it is inflated with air.

    The first day, the blooms were bright white, then the second day, apricot.

    The blooms last well too.


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    I’d taken a couple of pics this morning, as she colors up, but they didn’t turn out so great.. hehe.. more later.

    BUT, I think this is an OK place to ask a question about her genepool… so the info is in this thread.

    Since there is no information about her parentage that I can locate, can someone please tell me WHICH species/cultivar is indicated by her downward-turning tendrils ? I’ve loaned out my Priessel book, and I’m not even certain the answer is in there.. is it?

    DH remarked that the tendrils look like the claws of one angry cat ! HAHA.

    :idunno: Any help ?

    Just hope to learn more about what to expect in the hybridizing process.


    Almost forgot: it sure smells GREAT in here ! LOL


    I got a nice one from RAM at our Fall swap last year. It’s blooming pretty good now, although I can’t show you a pic (computer problems). It’s nice and fat, as Al said “looks like it’s inflated with air. The smell is FANTASTIC! Nice sized blooms too.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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