Tura’s Sweet Dreams

Name Tura’s Sweet Dreams
Hybridizer: Jeff Horder (Australia)
Seedling Parent: Jeff Horder (Australia)
Pod Parent: D. metel (triple purple)
Pollen Parent: D. metel (triple white)
Flower Color: Purple/Violet
Color Pattern: Inside and outside of corolla distinctly different
Flower Opening: Fully (flower widely trumpet/funnel-shaped)
Points Per Corolla: about 10
Fruit Texture: Smooth
Fruit Dehiscence: Disintegrates irregularly
Species: metel
Type of Cultivar: Uniform(with respect to the selected characteristics),short-lived,more or less annual plants, propagated by seed,consistent from generation to generation
Noteworthy Characteristics:

Soft violet-purple flower colour

Released: Yes
Year Released: 2016