Cultivar Name: Species
Breeding History Set: candida
Name Status: Established and Accepted
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: White/Cream
Flower Form: Double or More

B. ‘Species’: This absurd cultivar name used in the USA seems to have come into being as an incorrect interpretation of a Logees Nursery listing of “Brugmansia species”, simply signifying an unidentified Brugmansia. The 2009 ICNCP Arts 21.16 and 21.17 disallow words like variety, form, hybrid, cultivar and so on in the cultivar epithet, but are silent on the word “species” in this context. Although, reading the spirit if not the letter of these Articles, “species” should reasonably be disallowed too, the name must probably be accepted as established. A very similar, perhaps identical, clone in Europe has the established name B. ‘Alma’.