Cultivar Name: Senorita Rosada

Brenda Delph

Seedling Parent:

Jean Briggs (Australia)

Breeding History Set: candida
Name Status: Established and Accepted
Publication: BGI Herald 10 (3) 2014
Pod Parent: Genevieve
Pollen Parent: Rothkirch
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: Pink
Flower Form: Double or More
Flower Position: Pendant
Flower Shape: Trumpet

Sturdy growth. Ys around 4-5 feet. Does well in cold weather with some shelter. Does well in pot or in ground. Well-formed flower; second skirt drops well; light perfume and flowers last over a week. Has some resistance to spider mite. The name is to be written with n, not ñ, in Senorita, at the registrant’s instruction.