Cultivar Name: Cordata Oranje
Name Status: Neither Established or Accepted
Species Group Cold
Flower Color: Orange
Flower Form: Single

B. ‘Cordata Orange’, B. ‘Cordata Oranje’, B. ‘Cordata Red’, B. ‘Cordata Rood’, B. ‘Cordata Wit’ and B. ‘Cordata Yellow’: the botanical name Brugmansia cordata is an invalidly published synonym of B. sanguinea in use in the Dutch horticulture trade. These cultivar names, as they appear in on-line lists, seem not to be cultivar names by design but merely by the accidental transformation of labels for colour forms of B. sanguinea. However, since white flowers are unknown in B. sanguinea, B. ‘Cordata Wit’ is probably a form of B. × rubella, and at least some plants offered as B. ‘Cordata Red’ have the appearance of being hybrids between B. sanguinea and B. vulcanicola. As far as we know, none of these has been established clearly as a cultivar name