Cultivar Name: Celtic Blush

S B Jarrett (USA)

Seedling Parent:

S B Jarrett (USA)

Breeding History Set: cubensis
Year Released: 2018
Pod Parent: Irish Smiles
Pollen Parent: Papas Girls
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: Apricot/Melon/Peach
Flower Form: Double or More
Flower Position: Nodding
Flower Shape: Intermediate Funnel Trumpet
Foliage: Solid

durable green color; reliable flushes and ground hardiness in zone 6b/7a; beautiful form with 8" flowers with well separated skirts; as the flower ages the corolla recurves and a nice sweet but not overpowering fresh scent develops; flowers do not get stuck in calyx during wet and colder weather; trialed in 2 other locations and is a consistent performer from Oregon to Florida.

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