Cultivar Name: Anitas Pretty Pink

Anita Schaumann

Breeding History Set: sauvinsaerea
Name Status: Established and Accepted
Publication: BGI Herald 11 (1) 2015
Year Released: ca 1998
Pod Parent: Pink Favorite
Pollen Parent: Kim
Species Group Warm
Flower Color: Pink
Flower Form: Single
Flower Position: Nodding
Flower Shape: Funnel

Observed to be a continuous flowerer, and to consistently have 6-pointed flowers (Anita Schaumann).

Originally named (but not established) as ‘Pretty Pink’. Due to the existence of the later coined, but established ‘Pretty in Pink’ (Gottschalk/McKnight 2012), the name has been amended, in consultation with the breeder, to ‘Anitas Pretty Pink’ so as to remove potential for confusion.

Note: the spelling of “Anitas” without an apostrophe is correct.