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      It’s the middle of winter & a couple of months ago,  we lost our best buddy “Rikki” – a Jack Russel  Terrier rescue that we’ve had here for 13+  years  but he surrendered to long- term pancreatitis that none of the local vets seemed to be able to help with.  

      My wife is inconsolable, so we’re looking for a new family-member of the small canine sort.

      Our local Humane Societies all have unbelievably complicated road-blocks in the way & even if/when we comply with them – to the letter –  the dog that might be the “right one”  will have already been placed somewhere else.   It’s unbelievably frustrating.  Why do they make it so hard???    (If anyone wants a Pitt Bull, please check out NW Lower Michigan.    They’re everywhere!)

      So we’ve taken another route and are trying to “purchase” a puppy from an AKC Registered breeder near the Mackinaw Bridge who raises German Shepherds.    We’ve had white shepherds before and they have all been very intelligent and caring dogs.      We visited these people and their dogs two weeks ago and the parents & ten puppies were incredibly sweet, but it was too early for them to leave their mother.   They will all become very large dogs and as elderly folk, my wife, Karen,  & I have to be careful & consider if we’ll be able to help them in & out of cars, etc. when that times comes in ten years or so.   (&  It WILL) 

      Oh, well.  ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all (????) so here we go.

      My basement is cram-packed with Huge Brugmansias that I can hardly handle anymore & now I’m bringing home more puppies !?!    What’s the matter with me?

      Oh; well !   Gotta love it!   Perhaps it’s the best option?    Pessimism gets you nowhere.   Right?

      Wish me luck!


        Well, we did NOT bring home cute, tiny  “Polar Bear”.    Instead, my Beloved wife fell in love with one of his German Shepherd sisters “Bella” with a color pattern that they call “Sable”.

        Same problem though, she knocks over absolutely everything that she can get her jaws on & has trashed many of my favorite houseplants.   I’m SO GLAD though  that even Bella understands that Brugmansias & Daturas are “Icky-Poo!” and she will not touch them / what a gift!!    They must taste like absolute    Yech!  #$%^&*+_!!!!!      —  And that’s a very good thing!

        I think I’m getting too old to start training yet another puppy?.    – also, Bella’s father  is about the largest German Shepherd (Alsatian) that I’ve ever met in my life – & I’ve mett many.          (Massively HUGE !)    – He’s well tempered though and tri-lingual, for which I am very grateful.

        Our tiny “Bella” has a good & kindfull mind.    Her bi-lingual training – although limited – seems to have stuck and I’m trying to add Mandarin to her training and it seems to be sticking for now.

        Our spring might just be coming early up here & I’m chuffed about it.

        Our local Botanic Garden is excited to accept my donation of a pair of Maya Plants for their Garden Display this season & I plan to gift them this pair of Twin Mayas from last year.     I hope they have fun with them and do a nice display this summer.  They sound very excited about it.   Here’s a pic of the “Maya Twins”  last year in the front of my house.    But they are a LOT bigger now are trained into the “Standard” shape.    I think they will bring a lot of interest this summer!      Gotta spread the word!,    eh?


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