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    Call me silly, but I have to ask… will the abbriviation end up to be TS-S? TSS? Hmm. It’s so pretty


    It’s been 10 yrs since Brenda Delph and Mary Voss named this single cubensis ‘Kurpark Bad Salzschlirf’ x ‘Butterfly’ cross.

    For any cultivar to be around and still in demand 10 yrs after its release is certainly proof of its popularity, particularly a single.


    No doubt the tragic circumstances which led to it being named ‘Terri Schindler-Schiavo’ helped it at first, but if a plant doesn’t live up to expectations, then no matter what the name is, it will simply fade away.

    But not this one…


    When we were moving topics to their new location a few months ago, the history of TSS was in a batch that I was moving, so because I had an Angels Exotic x TSS seedling about to flower, and had no idea who Terri Schindler-Schiavo was, I was curious about the name. So I read each of the topics relating to its naming and subsequent registration…


    When I looked again recently to see if any pics were still in the topic, I saw that it had been 10 years since it was named and of late, there have been a few mentions of it in current posts, so I thought that it might be timely to remind members of its history and to give credit to the two members who were involved with this cultivar, it’s hybridiser Mary Voss and its seedling parent Brenda Delph.



    Here are a couple of the topics.




    If like me, you were unaware of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, Wikipedia appears to have an unbiased story.


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    Gosh i used to have this one….Brenda Delph sent it to me after hurricane Wilma came plowing through Fort Lauderdale and i was without electricity for 13 days….She sent me one right after the storm to cheer me up…i remember this one to have been a real beauty. In fact i had taken a picture of her and it wound up in a BGI calendar.


    One of the posts is your’s Gary.


    Lots of memories with this brug, a few flashbacks


    very nice one


    it was a very nice gesture of the girls to name in marmoreal

    it reminds me of Grasshoppers Choice which you named after the tragic passing of one of our members from China miss Lena  


    Yes, it has many memories . I never grew this one for some reason , but it’s a beautiful plant for sure.


    My A. Exotic x TSS wasn’t quite what I expected. Not unusual.

    It’s a very waxy, white single that turns cream. A good flush for its first time and it’s perfume is very pleasant.

    I will keep it for a while and use it for hybridising. There are some interesting genes in there and it’s just the right height..it’s anthers are dry so far unfortunately, so it has to be the pod parent.

    I’ve chosen Senorita Rosada to be the pollen donor, big fluffy anthers, a Genevieve x Rothkirch cross.

    Senorita Rosada.


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Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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