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    I felt the same way about the last name. I would not care if I ever heard that name again.


    Yeah, I wonder what’s happening to my eyes – everything looks dark to me.


    Maggi, it looked very dark to me, too.

    Pretty bugger, tho


    I hope to see it in real life one day. Here it looks darkish orange with red tones. I guess monitor colors all differ too. The honor done is a wonderful thing. It could turn white and the family it is named for would love it the same, for all the right reasons.


    Beautiful brug, hope it stays just as it is.

    I would always feel sorrow hearing the name tho


    Brenda and Mary, I’m so very glad you did this. I think it will be a long-lasting tribute, which will be treasured by her family for years to come.

    This story is so very sad. I pray that something good will come out of it…for example that some of the checks and balances that don’t work any more in our government can be fixed. Also, everyone, please make you wishes known on paper in the event this awful situation should happen to you. We did this several years ago.



    For you Maggie… I just took this one at high noon. Maybe it will be lighter for you.

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    Beautiful – all around Bren!




    Thank you both for the wonderful thing you’re doing. Please register it and get the name out there. And please put me on the list for when it’s available. I would be proud and honored to grow this one.


    Brenda expressed concern to me over it having Schiavo in the name, but I don’t think it would have as much impact if it was just Terri Schindler, most people wouldn’t even recognize that name, so we decided to use Schindler-Schiavo.


    Outstanding Brenda – and thank you!


    Just wonderful… a fitting tribute!

    The blooms remind me of the sun coming out after a storm, in her color and the way her skirts swirl. Yes, she is very beautiful.


    Hey Jackie! (you will know me as Seed Sprout) Good to see you here.

    I thought the same thing of the colors. Reminds me of a sunrise or sunset. Unfortunantly my camera does not pick up all the wonderful colors of this Brug. there is peach, orange and yellow.


    Hiya Brenda,

    yes, I know you dear, lol

    Thanks for the welcome!….

    When I enlarge the photo, I can see the subtle, beautiful shadings of the colors…yes, it is like the sun, rising or setting, which adds so much to the meaning of your gift.

    It is very moving, Brenda.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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