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    Good morning Gilly,

    I have been SO exhausted lately.  It’s August in Florida, I’m living in a camper and I’m from Maine.  I try to be positive every day but lately it’s been SO difficult.  The heat is really getting to me now and the only refuge is to lay in the camper in bed.  At least there it is cool.  I am amazed at how long things take to get done in Florida.  It’s a whole new world compared to Maine and I’m trying to adjust but it’s difficult.

    I have been watering every day but that has been the extent of playing plants for me.  By 9:00 it’s 90 degrees so there isn’t much time in the morning before it gets too hot to be outside.

    I know what they mean when they say “salt life” around here.  It means you sweat so much you get it in your eyes and it stings!  It means you sweat just sitting still and breathing.  August in Florida is like winter in Maine, you stay inside as much as you can.

    I’ve lost alot of seeds but I won’t give up hope.  I am finding them quite difficult so far though.  I seem to do a little better with cuttings.  But then again, this is all new to me 🙂

    Enjoy your day 🙂




    OK I am almost ashamed to post this picture and yet I am SO proud at the same time.

    I lost every single seed I received from the fund when I first joined BGI and was really bummed out big time.

    So I went on E-Bay and ordered 10 seeds from Elizabeth Fitchl to try again.

    I was able to sprout 2 of the 10 seeds and was happy to at least get 2 to sprout.

    Then one morning I woke to find that my strongest seedling had been completely eaten by a slug!  Right down to the soil!  It was my fault for not protecting it by putting it under a dome and I actually shed a couple tears.

    So I decided I better baby the one weak seedling I had left and that is what I have been doing.  It seems to be responding quite well.

    So here is the first seedling I have successfully grown from seed and saved from slugs (don’t laugh everyone *lol*)

    Caribbean Queen x Thea’s Liebling


    I know….where is it right? *lol*  Just wait until next year, then it will look like all of yours 🙂

    The good news is, soon I will be able to order from the fund again as I will be celebrating my 3 month anniversary here but I am in no hurry as it’s been a painful exercise as of yet *lol*

    This has been blooming for a bit now and I just love the color and shape of the flower.  It’s called a Thunbergia vine or sky vine.


    Here is a picture of the overall vine.  This is it’s first year.  I’m a little nervous about how big this girl is going to get but she sure is lovely 🙂


    Still waiting for it to cool off a bit and so are the plants.  They are tired of this heat and so am I!



    Some fella called Winston Churchill said ” Never ever give up ” and you are a woman on a mission. This one seedling is just the start of your brugmansia journey.

    Get ordering and growing Kim. Can’t wait to see the fruits of your endeavours.



    Instagram ilike2brugit


    Awwww Thanks Wayne, that means alot coming from you 🙂

    Here are a few pictures and short story for today.

    This is my Dwarf Poinciana tree (AKA Pride of Barbados).  I bought this tree last year at a local nursery and it is one of those plants that I pushed the zone on.  I’m a 9A and this tree is zoned for 10 and above.  This poor tree had only been in the ground about 2-3 months when the 5 nights of below freezing temperatures (never happens but did last year) hit.  This spring it was the last plant to wake up and we had pretty much decided it was dead but I refused to dig it up.




    And to prove that I CAN grow things from seed, these are 3 seedlings I started this spring.  The 2 on the left are supposed to be Pink Poinciana (seeds from Barbados) and the 1 on the right is a red from a seed pod I collected last fall from my tree 🙂

    I have 1 other pink and 1 other red growing in different spots just in case and all are doing great which is SO encouraging.


    If you look real hard in this picture you will see that my red seedling is getting ready to bloom.  Because it is so small I will probably cut this bloom off today to give strength to more robust growth instead.


    And that leads me to a question.  I would like to gather whatever seed I can and send it to the seed fund.  Of course they won’t be brug seeds this year but there is an “other” category.  When you all send seeds, how do you prepare them?  Do you baggie like 10 seeds in each individual baggie or do you send 1 big sandwich bag of each kind?  Same with pollen.  Do you put 5-6 stamens in micro tubes before mailing?  I have never done this and any further explanation would be greatly appreciated.  Do you also send pictures of the seeds you are sharing?

    Thanks all,



    Thinking of you Gilly and wanted to share these pictures with you.  I know that you love the poodle hibiscus and wanted to show you that they received a prime location in the yard.

    These were both growing along the left side fence in our yard but our neighbor has 3 crape myrtles there and the ants were beyond control.  Then, some red beetle arrived and wanted to take up residency.  So……we moved them!

    They have both stopped pouting now and seem to be liking their new location:

    Closeup (peach on the left, yellow on the right):



    When you are ready for your babies, you just say the word 🙂



    Oh My Word Kim!!!! Those Hibiscus are TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!! Love them Love them Love them!!!!! Your baby blue Thunbergia is gorgeous too. I have grown them in all the colours we can get over here but have never seen a blue one.

    You are doing so well with your plants in the new garden. It will look fabulous once they get established and are mixed in with your Brugs.

    I agree with Wayne…don’t give up on the brug seeds. We have all been through that frustrating stage and I am sure that you will have loads of success with them soon.  I have sent some fresh seeds to Patricia for the seed bank so she will list them when they arrive. Perhaps you could try some of them. Hopefully they will grow well for you.

    Thank you for thinking of me Kim.


    Hey Gilly, SO nice to see you post 🙂

    I would be happy to start you a blue thunbergia and also my blue morning glory if you are interested.

    Much like Al’s air layers, all you do with these vines is pin a runner down under the soil, water well for a couple weeks and then check for roots.  Once it has roots, I cut the runner from the mother and pot it up for a while.

    I potted up the 2 poodle hibiscus cuttings I’m fostering for you today.  Nice root systems so far.

    Here they are sporting their new duds:

    Soon I will be lifting all of my amaryllis bulbs and seeing what I have for babies.  I know some of them have made babies as I can see the little leaves beside the mum.

    Speaking of which, remember the amaryllis cuttage I did of Dancing Queen where I cut 1 bulb into 4 sections?  It’s been quite an interesting experiment.  I recently removed the remaining scales from the mother bulb and added soil all around the base of all the babies so that they will now send roots of their own.  So 1 bulb made all these babies 🙂



    And now:

    Guess I will have lots of Dancing Queens *lol*

    So, the other night our neighbors over the back fence who only speak spanish and seem to be brothers or relatives of some sort called my husband and I over to the fence.  It was very difficult to communicate as they didn’t speak English and we don’t speak Spanish but somehow we seemed to speak the same language.  They like plants, saw that we liked plants and wanted to share with us.

    They gave us a beautiful agave and tried to give us a prickly pear cactus but I graciously declined the prickly pear.

    BUT…..look at this real jewel!  They lifted this huge pot up over the fence to my husband and gave us this bougainvillea pot and all!  I couldn’t believe it!

    I put up 1 finger and told them to wait a minute as I scurried to the screen house and potted up a NOID pink brug that I had rooted from mine and a couple of other plants.

    It was so amazing and I was so touched.

    The next morning I sat on the ground beside the tree and removed all of the leaves that were damaged and old and did some shaping and limb removal, topped it off with a little new soil and fertilized it.

    I have no idea what color it will be but I think it’s so cute:

    Today’s good news…..we got our Certificate of Occupancy!  We have no electricity or water but we can occupy our home legally now 🙂

    One baby step at a time *lol*




    So just kidding on the Certificate of Occupancy 🙁

    As I was writing my post, my husband was talking with the Department of Environmental Protection…….

    Seems as though we need to purchase and plant 5 more native trees that are 2 inches in diameter.  All of the trees that I have planted on the land so far are not considered native nor are they thick enough.

    So tomorrow we will be going to the nursery and purchase 5 more trees that are native and 2 inches thick.  But with that being said if we don’t like the 5 trees we plant, we can cut them down after 2 years.  Really?

    And the beat goes on……………………




    I thought I’d share with you my attempt at building a cold shelter for my spiky Mediterranean bed that houses Mexican Agaves and Yucca’s and other fussy things. Generally speaking the Yuccas can take our wet cold winters, but  the agave’s  although from mountainous regions hates rain then freezing temps. It just destroys the growing points, so it pays to loo after them. Here’s the bed back in June.

    Thing is I’m an ideas man, with a limited confidence in building things, but I know a man that can. My long time friend and training partner Terry. So after explaining my vision and telling him the material I had left over to build it with . we set about it.

    And it went well, the shelter is massive, cost next to nothing as I had the materials anyway. It will keep the plants happy and dry over the winter, and it can taken down and used again, as I have marked the pieces for another time.

    Terry in action

    Instagram ilike2brugit


    Cool !!!!!



    Excellent !!

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