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    Hi Alvin, nice to see you.

    Well, things went without a hitch.  Both pieces are set but not married together yet.  It is a double wide that we were able to customize to be more modular in design.  We peeked in the windows…’s so pretty 🙂

    Oh how I have longed for my bed and a hot bath the past 10 months……soon.

    I planted 7 iochroma australe seeds yesterday and this will be another first for me.

    Not long ago in another post I had listed my named brugs and after seeing them all written down in front of me, I realized that I seem to have an eye for double pinks for some reason and needed to branch out into other colors.  Well, I am tickled to say that Mr. Zuni is on his way 🙂  I can’t wait until he gets here!

    No sprouts on the brug seeds yet but I keep checking *lol*  I thought I was going to wait until they sprouted and I felt sure of my growing skills with brug seeds but I couldn’t pass up one of the crosses by Liz.  Caribbean Queen x Theas Liebling  I am just SO excited about this.  I pray that I am successful.  I might wait until I see sprouts from the other crosses I’ve already planted….just in case.  I’m pretty nervous about growing these for the first time.  I found those corky things they are in quite intimidating honestly *lol*

    Anyway, I took a few pictures on my morning tour to share with you all.

    This is a little double purple datura.  I don’t know how big these normally get but this one is quite small.  As you can see in the picture below, the seedpod that has formed is HUGE compared to the size of the plant.

    Flower (kind of spent)


    Double Peach Hibiscus



    Here are a couple better pictures of my NOID Yellow/peach that I am crossing with.


    Hibiscus – Zydeco

    This is the overall plant; so small compared to the bloom.  I should have removed all the buds; but I just couldn’t do it.


    I think we are all posting at the same time!!! so there is a break between my last post and this one!!! I have 6 Olive trees of various sizes. I usually ‘cosset’ them overwinter under glass and wait until temperatures increase before taking them out and I have had next to no success in getting them to produce fruit. This year I read that they need a ‘blast’ of mild frost in spring for them to perform so I hauled them out early and kept everything crossed that they didn’t die.

    This is a pic of the largest one that I have, obviously ‘stunted’ due to being grown in a pot

    but all of them are smothered in teeny tiny olives!

    Fingers crossed that they all just don’t drop off!!!!


    Some NOID’s are the most beautiful plants!  This is a NOID that I have named for my own personal records NOID – Tropical Punch


    Rose of Sharon:



    Gilly, I think we are posting at the same time *lol*  Isn’t that awesome?

    Your plants are just STUNNING!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

    I am in total awe right now that you are growing olives and lemons!  That is just AWESOME!

    Do you have good luck with the Oleander?  Do you ever get lots of little caterpillars on them?  I  know it’s a butterfly caterpillar of some sort but every time I have seen them at the nurseries they are covered with those caterpillars.  I hate to admit this, I love butterflies but I don’t like raising the caterpillars so I have shied away from putting Oleander in the yard.

    Your bougainvillea is astonishing!  You should be so proud.

    It’s so hard to have a tropical heart when you live in a zone that isn’t tropical.  I SO understand that but you are doing an amazing job making whatever zone you’re in tropical 🙂  That is GREAT.

    I really enjoyed all your pictures and you sharing what you grow.  Absolutely stunning Gilly!



    Now here are a few that can survive outside all year round.

    I grew these Cordylines from seed about 15 years ago and they are quite happy to live in my back border all year round. (the fence behind them is 6ft tall)

    My Fig tree is going nuts this year and is laden with fruit.(we will definitely be ‘regular’ once they ripen!!! LOL)

    In the first Cordyline picture the is a small palm tree lurking in the background. I grew this from seed a few years ago and didn’t expect it to survive outside but it is growing, slowly. I can’t remember which palm it is but I am hoping it will carry on growing anyway.


    Last 2 pictures for today.

    This is my husbands pride and joy Clerodendrum bleeding heart vine.  He loves playing with all the vines.  We have lovingly dubbed him “the vinemaster” *lol*


    That concludes today’s tour of the garden.  I didn’t bother to photograph any of the weeds because they’ll always be there *lol*

    Hope you all had a Terrific Tuesday.  Gilly, I’m going back to look at all your pictures again, so pretty!



    I find the biggest problem with Oleander here and south in the Med are strange yellowish greenfly rather than caterpillars. The caterpillars just head straight for my Brugs and turn the leaves to ‘swiss cheese’!! I think the hot spell that we are having must suit them well because I just can’t get rid of them this year and the mites are rampant too!!!

    I am just totally in love with your Hibiscus!!! If I try to grow them here it has to be under glass and them the hungry bugs arrive especially the dreaded spider mite and they just decimate the plants. Keep posting them though so that I can drool over yours!!!! Is your ‘pom pom’ blooming? (I just love that one so much I could eat it!!! LOL)


    WOW Gilly!  Look at that Cordyline!  You grew THAT from seed?  OMG!  That is AMAZING!

    What a BEAUTIFUL fig tree!  I love figs!  Have you harvested from that tree before?  Are they good?  I think I read someplace that there is a wasp that goes up into the fig and dies in there if I remember correctly.  I remember that I thought about growing a fig tree and then read that and decided maybe I would stick to just buying figs *lol*  It’s perfectly natural and everything I guess.  Nature is amazing.

    The plant that’s in front of the Cordyline, is it a japanese aralia?  SOOOO pretty!

    Your yard is stunning Gilly, it really does look tropical.  Everything is SO big and lush.  My stuff is still soooo small compared to your beautiful pictures.

    Thank you again for sharing as your plants are astonishing.  GREAT growing Gilly 🙂



    Hi Gilly,

    I don’t really see many caterpillars on any of my plants.  What I do see ALOT of are aphids, ants, slugs, snails and 4-5 inch NASTY grasshoppers.  They are NASTY!  Hubby has killed about 10 so far.  I spray them with hornet spray and it still takes almost 1/2 hour before they finally give in.  That is unreal to me.  Everything else dies the second I spray them.  Not the grasshoppers, they are immune or something.

    Hibiscus are kind of a funny plant.  I find some are wonderful growers and others are kind of nasty looking quite honestly.  Some of them are aphid magnets and others seem to be not bothered at all.  I am going to give them 3-4 years and those that don’t shape up or are a burden will have to pack their bags and leave the garden *lol*

    Yes, both of the poodle hibiscus are blooming (I have yellow and peach).  I love the poodle hibiscus too.  So far I have found that they bloom continually.  There are always flowers to pinch off in the morning and always new blooms to open.  So far they are both about 5 feet tall.  I plan to let them get a little taller and then I will lop the tops.

    Isn’t it so much fun?





    Just to get back to Brugs for a minute and to show you how bad my ‘addiction’ is this is one of my ‘brug plots’ All of them are grown in pots and slightly sunken into gravel. There is not much going on at the moment because I an in that annoying ‘lull between flushes stage’ but there are plenty of buds forming and about to open so I will post pics soon.

    I have another ‘patch’ approx. the same size which houses larger cultivars and seedlings and my patio and main greenhouse are crammed full too!!!

    I am so seriously addicted!!!!


    Right now Kim has set up a show us your garden thread..Im diving in.

    Firstly Im enjoying Kim’s journey into the exotic and good to hear about the house move( literally) lol!


    Gill great seeing your Citrus and really like your Oleanders, for english grown they are beautiful.

    Here are a few from the garden/s

    The sub tropical bit//a few hardy palms..some cannas..bit of theatre in South West  England

    Canna Orange Punch under the japanese banana.


    Here’s our privacy screen with my Oleander cuttings..hopefully I’ll get them Gill sized

    Do like a Oleander

     Our little seating area looks out to my attempt at a dry garden, we nickname it the Blue Med Bed as I’ve got a thing for blue ..pots..posts..plants!

    Yucca Linearis from Mexico..I have this lit up at night and I like to watch the wind move through it

    That’s it for now..been good to share some pics with you…


    Instagram ilike2brugit


    Wayne, your pictures put mine to shame!!!

    Utterly stunning!!!!!


    I just went out and took pictures of both of the poodle hibiscus.  As you can see in the pictures, they are growing for height right now.  Once I lop them they will bush out and fill out much more.  They haven’t been in the ground too long and the peach one is obviously older than the yellow one.





    And here is a hibiscus that decided to open up this afternoon.


    Your plants are just beautiful Gilly and I SO appreciate you sharing them.

    Do you grow anything from seed during your winters?  Houseplants?  I had alot of houseplants in Maine but I’m not really sure how many houseplants I will grow.  I think I will try to keep most outside unless they HAVE to come in.  We’ll see.  Haven’t had a house to even consider it yet *lol*



    Kim, I can’t even begin to dream of being able to grow a ‘poodle’ large enough to have to lop the top off!!! I’m so envious!

    I do grow a lot of house plants but most of the ones that I grow would probably be garden plants for you. I really think I need to move to a tropical zone to be able to grow everything that I would like to. I have tried to grow many Carribean and oriental plants and, even as house plants, they just don’t survive for me. It’s heart breaking!

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