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    I thought it would be nice to start a thread for “firsts and general chit chat”.  Just a place to share things we’re trying/doing for the first time and just kick back and talk about our adventures with our plants etc.  A place to post updates/progress and take us along in your journey.  Kick up your heels and unwind so they say 🙂

    I sometimes feel that I sabotage threads by being long winded etc. it’s just that when I start talking plants I could go on and on *lol*  I love them and have always been very passionate about them.  I honestly don’t get all the DNA/scientific things, I’m more of an ad-hoc learn as you go trial and error girl.  Sometimes it’s very rewarding and other times it’s hard on the heart……until the next experiment.

    OK, so I’ll share first and you all feel free to share along if you’d like.  It’s how we get exposed to new ideas, new plants, ask questions, share knowledge etc.

    As you all know, I am new to brugs.  I have 3 that are blooming size and all 3 are NOID’s.  As we can only post 4 pictures in each thread, please note that this will be ALOT of pictures and ALOT of threads to read.  I guess I’m an all or nothing person.  I will come on and post like crazy and then not post for a while.  Today is a post like crazy day.  Hope you enjoy.

    My pink NOID has opened it’s first bloom!  The things that I like about this brug compared to my yellow brug (I will be pollinating the pink and yellow only, not the white dud) are:  It stands 5 feet tall and holds the flowers upright and right at my nose level, it has a medium scent of rose (not overwhelming yet you know it’s there), it takes FULL Florida sun in stride and NEVER wilts.  The drawback of this cultivar is that it needs to be quite tall before it Y’s and this is it’s 1st flush of blooms.

    Note the 2 buds above the open flower, I carefully opened their skirts and all anthers have been removed before pollen formed.  I plan to pollinate it tonight as I received my 3 pollens from BGI in the mail (thank you SO MUCH Patricia) yesterday.  So I will pollinate it with Shameless and Fruit Salad most likely tonight.  The next bud will be pollinated with Dolas Rosenresli.

    Here are pictures of my NOID pink (please note that this flower was my practice flower and I ripped her a bit as I was perfecting my surgeon skills):


    As you can see in this picture, she gets NO SHADE whatsoever and not once has she wilted.  She seems to love the heat.

    I am looking forward to my first pollinating adventure tonight.  I have a few flowers on my yellow NOID that I have removed anthers from also.  Maybe tomorrow I will be pollinating it with the same 3 pollens.

    I don’t have many pictures of my yellow but will take some in the next few days.  I have 3 of the yellow but plan on keeping only 1.  The thing I like about this NOID yellow is that is has a STRONG baby powder scent, the blooms go through a stage of light peach and reach a true yellow, it has a nice spreading form and the flowers hang down, it blooms heavily and this is it’s 5th flush of flowers.  The only drawback is, I wish it was taller.


    So I also received my BGI seeds (again, thank you Patricia) last night and soaked and peeled them.

    I had 5 seeds of all 1 cross that there was not a seed in at all.  The woody husk looked like a tiny seed might have been there at one time but I looked and checked my chaff very thoroughly and there was not a seed to be found.  Being that this is my first time with this seed, is that a normal occurrence sometimes?

    This morning I planted them all up and here they are just waiting to jump into action *lol*

    I am SO excited about trying these for the first time!

    Here are the iochroma I plan to play around with.  I thought I had an Australe out in the garden but it turns out I had grandiflora.  Not realizing this I ordered another grandiflora *lol*  Once I realized my error, I went on E-Bay and ordered some blue Australe seeds so I will be trying to also start iochroma seed in a few days.  These are all new additions and I plan to keep them in pots until next spring.  Then I might put them in the garden.

    And look what I found on “Princess”:

    I am just tickled about this:

    This is my first time starting plumeria cuttings.  This is plumeria Rainbow and it arrived with absolutely no leaves.  I have 6 others rooting but I can’t tell if they have put on new leaves as they all had leaves when they arrived.  But this guy had no leaves so I know that they leaves have indeed grown.  So excited!



    Great thread, and your yard looks fantastic. Don’t worry about being long winded,” you ain’t seen nuthin  till I get on a roll !!!!!!”.



    Here is a picture of my brugmansia Audrey Lea.  This is the first named brug I grow from a cutting.  So many firsts!

    Next are just a few random shots of things that I’m playing around with in the garden.

    This is 3 cuttings of my weeping bottle brush that I rooted and braided and am training as a tree.

    This is a picture of my mother Poinciana that is zoned for 10 (I’m in 9A) and I thought died after 5 freezing nights here.  It came back and now I have 4 trunks instead of 1.  I am currently growing 2 seedlings from seed I gathered last year.

    This is my pink powderpuff that again died back to the ground and I thought I lost.  I am training it also.  I want a tall, weeping, full canopy and will cut anything that gets in the way of that picture *lol*


    Hey Dan!  Nice to see you jump in and also very nice to meet you!  I hear you have a way with pollen *lol*  That is SO cool that you plan to share along 🙂

    Here are some shots that I took in this mornings daily tour.

    I’m going to start it out with a bang.  This is the most amazing color of orange on a hibiscus that I have ever seen.  I bought it at Lowe’s and it’s a tropical hibiscus.  It died to the ground and was another plant I thought I lost as I stretched the zone on this one too.  But alas:


    Black and Bloom Salvia:


    Evolvulus – Blue My Mind


    First flower on Tibouchina urvilleana (Princess Flower)




    This is a new addition that I have fallen in love with.  Paulownia tomentosa (Empress Tree)

    Azalea Autumn Twist:

    And that’s a wrap on today’s tour.

    I would LOVE to see/hear what you all are passionate about and are doing.  I think it was Wayne who posted a picture of a brug in a hanging basket.  Any updates on that Wayne?

    Kerstin, it’s VERY nice to meet you and I wish you lots of rain.  I laughed out loud when you wrote about your chili pepper experience as I have done the same thing with tomatoes.  Who can eat that many tomatoes or in your case, chili peppers.

    Gilly, it will be fun to watch your cross grow together 🙂  That is, if I am successful.  I promise to do all that I can to make you proud 🙂

    Well, I think I’ve even exhausted myself now.  I better go check on the kids and see if they need to be done with their morning exposure and go in the screenhouse.




    Love your plants Kim. I love tropicals/sub-tropicals, and wish I could grow more, but up here in the mountains of Pennsylvania it is a chore, if you don’t have a greenhouse, which I don’t. Here is my ornamental banana that I managed to overwinter in my basement, and a pineapple that I am growing from the top of one of the sweetest pineapples I ever tasted last year. I don’t think that the banana will get overwintered this year because I’m sure it will be way too heavy for me to lift at the end of the season, with my bad back and stuff. It is already twice the size it was when I planted it out this spring, and with a little more than 2 more months to grow, it will be a monster.

    I used to grow plumies years ago, but with such a short growing season here, they would just start forming inflos and then they would have to come inside, and I just couldn’t provide enough light inside for the inflos to open. At one time, I had about 30 plumies, from all over the world, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thiland, ect. I even had an import license. But I got a lot of them from a nursery in Homestead Fla. I think the owners were Luc and Carol, not sure, it’s been years since I grew them.



    Oh wow Dan, look at that pineapple!  That is amazing!  Will it actually grow pineapples?

    Your banana is incredible too.  The banana trees here really take a beating and look awful in peoples yards.  Yours is beautiful.  I can imagine that must be really hard to tote in and out of the house.  My neighbors here have a banana tree and they have cut it down numerous times and it just keeps coming back.  Every now and then I have to pull a pup out of my yard as it goes under the fence.  That’s what happens here, everything your neighbors grow you end up growing too.

    I took a walk through one of the public gardens here and there was a banana tree with a flower and fruit hanging.  It was the most bizarre looking thing seeing it for the first time.  I felt like I was in jurassic park or something.  The bamboo in that park was HUGE!  I had never seen bamboo that big.

    I have another neighbor that grows agave and I have cut 2 pups that grew under the the fence and wanted to live in my yard instead 🙂  Sharing is caring so they say.  It was either cut it from the mother and plant it or run it over with the lawn mower.  So, I did the right thing…..right? *lol*

    Wow, you really know about plumeria huh?  This is my first attempt at it.  I’m not real sure how I feel about the shape/look of them but I wanted to try them and at least give it an attempt.  I bought 5 cuttings for $20 plus $7.90 shipping from a seller on E-bay (not sure it’s OK to mention names?) who was from Boynton Beach, FL and they sent me 6 cuttings instead 🙂  So far all of them seem happy and I do believe they have put on leaves.  Once these get big enough I plan to take cuttings and then start pushing their zone etc. just to see.  But for now, they will be potted plants for a bit.  Did you like growing plumeria?  I can’t imagine having to bring that many in and out every year!!  That is devotion.

    Thank you for sharing your awesome experiments, they are SO healthy looking!  Great growing Dan!



    So today was the day.  I did the duty.

    First thing this morning I went out with my pollens and pollinating gear and headed over to my  NOID yellow.

    I sat on the ground and attempted to pollinate 2 flowers (just in case 1 fails) with Shameless, Fruit Salad and Dolas Rosenresli.

    Oh it was SO heavenly to be sitting under there!  This NOID yellow smells SO intoxicating and blooms so heavily.  I pollinated 6 flowers and there are still so many to come.  Hard to believe that this is the 5th flush of flowers.  But it’s so darn short that you have to sit on the ground to get under the flowers.

    Then it was time to pollinate the pink NOID.  I only had 2 flowers that were ready so I did 1 with Shameless and 1 with Fruit Salad.

    There are 2 more buds (that I’ve already removed the anthers from) that should be ready tomorrow.  I will do 1 with Dolas Rosenresli and 1 with Shameless.  I have enough to do 2 flowers of each pollen on the pink also just in case.

    I’m going to try really hard not to get my hopes up as I’m not sure how I did.  I feel kind of torn like, did I do it at the right time?  Is there enough pollen there?  Were the flowers ready enough? Was I too impatient?

    I guess time will tell.  If I get 1 pod of each I will be happy.  Heck, if I get 1 pod total I will be happy *lol*

    Secretly, if I get one pod I sure hope it’s the cross with Shameless 🙂



    Well, it’s 5:00 in the morning and I am SO excited I could hardly sleep last night.

    They are bringing our house today!  Of course it will be 2-3 weeks more before we can actually move in but at least it’s coming.

    2 weeks after we moved here the transmission in our car died and needed to be rebuilt and our daughter was in a major car accident in Maine.  I cannot wait until our daughter can come to Florida to be with us.  I miss her so very much!  It’s been a very rough road needless to say.

    But soon this will all be behind us and we will be able to be together in a human house.  I am so very grateful.

    It’s going to be a very interesting and exciting day!


    Wonderful Amaryllis!

    It looks like you should have reasonable weather there too!

    I’ll be thinking of you, Kim. It sounds like an exciting day.


    Kim, I can’t even imagine my house arriving on a trailer!!! 😉 It is so different here in the UK!!! but how exciting is that!

    Well, I hope it has arrived and all is well and you will be moved in soon.

    You asked me about what else I grow so I have taken some pics. Now, don’t laugh when you see some of them because I realise that some of these probably grow like weeds in sunny Florida but, considering that most of mine are grown in pots and have to be hauled into the greenhouse over winter, I am quite chuffed with them and love them all to bits!


    One of my little citrus with baby lemons…

    My Strelizia Reginea which is in one of the greenhouses and strangely usually only flowers in the house over winter



    I made the mistake of re potting my Bourgainvillea in spring and they were not happy but are now just staring to perform, again under glass

    In the main pic there are 4 different colour plants so I will post again when there are more blooms.


    Here are some growing outside. First my Oleander who are determind to stop me from getting into the main greenhouse!

    Again all grown in pots and need to be overwintered under glass.

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