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    This is one tough Brug. She is in full broiling sun from 9-3, never wilts, has survived 2 attacks of spidermites without even losing a bud. I pray that I will actually see her bloom.


    Mine overwintered in ground and has already formed a Y and has buds.


    I think the flowers are going to be smaller than normal. Between the heat and the mites I guess. Super Nova is about to bloom and those are huge


    1st night open. The blooms are very small, largest is 10 inches. Poor thing. You can see how bad she wanted to bloom, even some of the buds that turned brown when I sprayed for mites opened. Nice fragrance


    She is growing like a weed with lots of Texas sun and has set lots of buds. Then the temps hit 100+ and she drooped several. I still love her. She has bloomed several times and will give us several good flushes in the near future.

    Ken Piercy

    Von Russell Farm


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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