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    Species: B. aurea hybrid
    Cultivar “Rosabelle”
    Location (amount of sun): full Sun
    Humidity: low
    Winter color:
    Summer color: light pink
    Container or Ground: container
    Fragrance, Strong, faint, lemony, etc. : sweet fragrance
    Your zone: USDA Zone 10, Sunset Zone 23

    Comments: This flower started out white when it opened last night and is light pink today. Flowers are nodding and initially stick out parallel to the ground. It has a sweet scent and is very similar to Pink Beauty and Butterfly.


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    Rosabelle 7B south of Atlanta

    High humidity, full sun with afternoon shade

    Planted in the ground, as a bush

    Fragrance very light

    Dark green leaves are very coarse and large

    Sets pod easily

    Like her sisters Rosamond and Pink Beauty, the flower style is similar, but the growth pattern is not for me–perhaps this was a “tip” cutting, but it is a bush form, not the tall trees of her sisters. Would like to hear from others on this.


    This was my 3rd full summer of having her. Last year it got to about 4′ tall by as wide. it was an above the Y cutting also.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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