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    Pink Velvet here growing in a container.Blooms are very large and are fragrant.Blooms last well.Growing in the greenhouse under 60%shadecloth.
    Taken outside for the pictures.Blooms start white and gradually darken as the flower ages,finishing a dark pink.Roots easily.


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    Pink Velvet holds up very well in the southern heat and humidity. A perfectly shaped flower. Very hearty. Edited to say roots easier than any other cuttings I have taken for this fall.


    Grown in zone 5 in Ontario in pots. Blooms well, is not bothered by summer heat, have had no problems with insects on the plant. 2nd season of growth. Flower darkens to a very deep pink as it ages.


    Planted in the ground zone 9a (Fl) Very full flushes one after the other. Sets pods like mad. Not bothered by pests. Very nice glowing pink color.


    The beginning of another active blooming season with PV.

    I am impressed in many ways with the very thick corolla,
    the color fade, and the long lasting flowers. One thing I
    would have loved to see more of with this one is Fragrance.

    However, the shortcoming is back seat to the rest of the
    advantages and superior traits. This one should be worked
    with a lot more than it has been, IMHO. I would love to
    see a cross with RK, then back to PV again to bring out
    more and add some more superb genetics and more


    I finally remembered to take a photo of the face of the flower in a photo.. happy.gif


    I've got at least ten pods hanging from this one.
    JT loves symmetry in his creations. He like equal distance between points, points of equal height all the way around.
    PV is a wonderful foundation upon which to build orderly multi-blooms.
    I am actively working with it and looking forward to what may result.
    I think this one is a must for anyone doing hybridizing work.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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