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    Grown in Zone 9a to b (right on the cusp lol). I had heard that this one was like HG about blooming, but shes been blooming a little all year. She must like the cooler weather. The blooms are huge and a beautiful orange color, makes very nice fluffy pollen. Not highly scented. A large and fast grower. I havent gotten her to take a cross yet but trying with the cool weather. I am keeping her.

     ***************Please note:
    Refer cultivar data base.
    Comments:   Neither Established or Accepted, B. Double Peach is sometimes represented as 
B. Native Habitat Double Peach; as far as we know, only the former is established, based on a plant introduced by the US nursery Native Habitat Ethnobotanicals.
    native habitat double peach.jpg

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    I just love this one!!!!

    The fragrance will knock you to your knees too……..


    I better go back out tonight and have another sniff. I thought the fragrance was from NOL.


    The one I have has never had a double bloom. They have always been single. 


    I’ll get you a tip cutting from one of the larger branches that is flowering this winter. It’s possible Brenda that the plant that I gave you came from a sport or new bottom shoot. I really don’t remember where it came from on the plant. NHDP does like to send new shoots up from the root. Maybe yours just likes to be single.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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