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    Lovely plant. Prolific bloomer with nice fragrance. Sets pods super easy. Picked 3 off tonight. Zero problems with insects.

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    Looks good Edna…..I like flat faces…


    Sounds and looks like a must have brug. I wonder what makes some brugs so desirable to insects than others.


    very Stunning Color Edna,

    Im sure it will be a breeder / Keeper for future

    hope it keeps up its good work

    chrissy T

    Edna thanks so much for giving us a review on Madam Bouvarie, she sounds like a goodie :happy-clap:

    We would love to see more reviews here everyone.


    Having seen this pic, I'm all the more glad I bought a strong youngster recently. It's in bud, looking good and I'm surprised how even the smallest shoots will produce buds. I've tried to ignore its reputation for being a heat loving variety – well with temps not going much above 72F ATM I have to. Anyway, despite our unusually cool weather, it seems perfectly OK in a wind-sheltered sunny spot, and we're promised higher temps later in the week, so I look forward to seeing this one out very soon.


    Wow! What color! It's beautiful Edna…I love the curled back twangers on her 🙂


    If you were going to grow just one single pink , this would be a good candidate. No pest problems, blooms constantly , and is easy to propagate .


    000_8814 (640×427).jpg
    000_8816 (640×427).jpg
    000_8817 (640×427).jpg

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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