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    I love this one, she’s a Pink B9 on the first morning in summer heat. So far she’s blooming over and over in small flushes.


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    Patricia Watson

    She is lovely Bonnie.


    This IS one GORGEOUS Flower in person. These pics just don’t do her justice!


    Apparently very fertile, I have 3 pods out of three tries.

    thank you again Brenda.


    She is fertile… I already have some little seedlings from her crosses.


    Joan, she’s a winner. I do have her in half day sun, but she is dark and keeps on blooming.


    tiG, In my yard a half a day sun and heat sounds perfect. It sounds like a good plant for East Tx. This heat is so hard on all plants that we rejoice to hear those beautiful words of any plant. We will be waiting for her to come out. Thanks, Joan


    She is a heavy bloomer and has one flush after the other. Also, she keeps her recurve all day. I am growing her in morning sun, afternoon shade/bright light.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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