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    LM has been a good steady grower with a nice thick trunk and heavyweight leaves. The foliage is very showy, being predominantly serrated but not deep, somewhat like a Christmas Holly appearance. Foliage is smooth and shiny, with a nice Kelly green undertone, rarely yellowing, even in full sun. It takes the heat/sun well, and foliage does not seem to wilt easily.
    The only small issue I have seen is the tendency to eject buds in the hottest weather (however, most doubles seem to do this), even when buds are large and more developed. Plant stays nice and compact, creating a very bushy habit and low growth. Flowers are somewhat nodding, creating a nice showy appearance when flushing. Flower fragrance is similar to Hawaiian Double White, which is very 'bruggy', and not sweet, and a hint of lime juice (not peel), fragrant mostly when dark, and 'green' smelling during the daytime.

    The flowers are smaller at about 8 inches including calyx, and are very slow to develop and open but appear to last for over a week, as each of the 2 – 3 corollas gradually open, turning from a chartreusey yellow to a pure white with age. Corollas have ranged from slightly stuffed to drop, depending on weather. If the nights are warm during bud formation, the secondary and tertiary corolla will drop more, and in cooler weather, it will stay shorter.

    Patricia Watson

    Thanks for the information J.T. I recently bought this one, so it is nice to know what to expect.


    Teresa, I'll post more as it opens more (hopefully tonight).

    This marks the very last plant I ever got from Brenda, bless SeedSprout. For that reason, even though I personally think the fragrance is disgusting, I will keep it because it was her baby. Besides, I have a very sensitive schnoz, and a couple other people say that the fragrance is light and not bad.


    Day 2:



    Night 3:

    The "bruggy" fragrance kicks in… This time it's faint and much more tolerable to this nose.

    Yes, there is a 3rd corolla inside. smile.gif


    Just thought I would say… the 3rd corolla is beginning to emerge "pictures at 11" biggrin.gif


    Tonight… A nice gradual opening flower. I am sure this will last at least another 3 or 4 days, so this is another 7 day flower.

    I like the 3 drop skirts.

    Brenda did very good with this cross. I am so happy she talked me into this one! LOL


    Mine is the SLOWEST growing little twig I have ever had!! sleep.gif dry.gif


    Paul, I'm sorry to hear that your LM is so slow. I'm not kidding you, we're having reverse luck with ours (*comparing to your Langenbuscher Garten). This was one of the best steady growers and actually was one of 2 that grew during the very hottest months. It also was the ONLY one to bud in the month of August. I just now am getting the first buds on a few others, but I've only got good things to report with this one, ESPECIALLY it's resistance to bugs and slugs!!! It's also probably the nicest shaped one, which I didn't even have to shape. It seems to be comfortable with staying well under 3 feet tall, which is so very nice in comparison. The only bad thing is that chemical fragrance that you talk about on your recent cross. I call it Lime juice (not the fake kind in the plastic lime, but the kind out of a real lime). lol!


    This is another one of those plants that's nice and has everything going for it… except the fragrance. Yes, I will consider this one a challenge, and find a gorgeously fragrant white double/triple to work with. Me thinks working with Velvet Lady, because of the amazing Magnolia fragrance and the bug resistance is the same. The only thing is that one or the other may end up losing it's foliage quality. Mind you, I REALLY like both of their foliage, but each is TOTALLY different. LM is shiny, big, flat leaves that look like Christmas Holly. VL has smaller leaves that are often teardrop shaped, very Versicolor in shape and size, but it's got that thick downy soft leaf, which is exactly the opposite of LM.



    Lemon Meringue continues to grow strong here in the US. A wonderful plant in every way. No downsides to this one.


    It's always been my favourite even though the perfume reports differ……

    What does your nose say, Edna?


    This is another favorite from 2014, again thanks to a brug friend.

    My plants have remained comparitvely small, under 3 feet, yet still vigorous with beautiful foliage as described above. To me the scent is not disagreeable, nor is it memorable either. Blooms open slowly with each corolla taking 1-2 days to extend, with the trademark yellow on the trailing corolla. Pretty much everything as described above! I will be propagating this one.


    Stunning! Your plants are simply amazing, Nathan! Mine bit the dust! Boo Hoo! :brugicon6:


    What a beautiful bloom. You’ll find that it likes to get wide rather than tall.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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