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    I love this brug. It’s one of my heaviest bloomers all season long. Smell is baby powder and it’s very fragrant.
    Bugs aren’t overly attracted to her.


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    KBS, only a cutting, 23 days after becoming a Pennsylvania resident, Y’d and has buds.

    Pretty Robust I’d say.


    KBS is my strongest grower..It flowers often and with so many blooms per flush.I crossed it to just about everything this year.


    I was looking thru my plants tonight and I have 2 KBS’. One I got about a year ago and it has serrated leaves, the other I got recently and it not serrated.

    In the gallery there is one photo by CindyD that has serrated leaves. After looking on ABADS also I believe the one with the serrated leaves is improperly named. So any ideas on this, maybe the one photo should be removed from the gallery.


    My KBA is about 7ft tall and has not Y’ed yet. It is really healthy looking so I am looking forward to blooms, It has 2 very large suckers coming from the bottom so maybe all it’s energy is going there. I don’t want to cut them yet, I want them to be more woody so the cutting’s chances are better to survive. Green cuttings and I don’t do well.


    My KBS doesn’t have serrated leaves.


    BTW. no serrated leaves on mine either.


    Good color since the blooms open white, then turn salmon/melon in a day or two so there are often both colors at once in a flush. Very nice, strong, fragrance.

    Easy to grow and propagate. No noticable bug problems at all.

    Very eager to bloom for me. Sets seeds easily.

    Blooms seem to hold up well to stresses such as drought & wind.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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