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    Dan, I love how your garden looks  :thumbsup:  


    I have Buds on my Inca Sun..I’m very fortunate to own this u.s beauty here in England.


    Can’t wait to share the blooms with you.



    Instagram ilike2brugit


    She is a super fast grower here and quick to set blooms…i got a small cutting in october. she out grew her 1 gallon pot and started blooming last month… I agree she is under rated


    Looks beautiful Dan and it is definitely a winner.  I agree about the scent, it’s one that I smell that it has blossomed long before I see that it has blossomed.  It is always one of my very first ones to bloom and then it is flush after flush until fall.  Very dependable and stays a nice compact size for those that aren’t interested in super tall ones.  




    Rudy whats this rain and where do I get some your brugs seam to like it , do the sell it at home depot or lowes


     love the color


    :lol: You can have all you want, for shipping, but, there’s a no return, no refund policy !!! :Smily2:



    Inca sun is still available in the Logees catalog too


Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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