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    by Ludger Schneider.

    Got a cutting from Pete in the fall and it’s done wonderfully. It’s going to open this bloom in a day or so. Look at these tendrils.


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    just barely open. the smell almost knocked me out. it’s at the very back of the greenhouse.

    lots of good fluffy pollen, and I will give her a good partner.

    She’s just barely opened, so I hope I get a good winter color, but can’t wait for summer!!!!1

    lemony baby powder scent, very strong.


    starting to show tendrils. She’s only 1 1/2′ tall at most and has about 10 buds or more!


    Planted in the ground zone 9 this spring. I have literally had to pull buds off this plant since it went in to the tune of at lest 3 dozen or more. I felt it had dug in enough to let it have a bloom or two and all I can say is WOW! My PIC’s are fuzzy and will update them as she gets a bit bigger but could not wait till morning to share my excitement about Pete’s Dot : )


    one of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen. Perfect shape, fluffy pollen. Just a dream brug. 


    Sooo lovely !

    Has she had any babies? Just don’t recall.


    Haven’t had it long at all, and it’s growing like a weed! I actually had my first bud when it was 6″ tall, and SADLY pinched it off, cause I knew it just wasn’t “ready”. Well, she’s ready now!

    Thank you SO much Pete!!!

    Alice Harris

    Well, I don’t have this one, but now I want it .. lol

    Serious, very very lovely brug.

    I have wondered what it looked like. Thanks for showing it



    I talked with TiG on the phone last night about releasing Dorthea. I apologize to everyone but Ididn’t know (due to inexperience) that is was my duty to release Dorthea. As far as I am concerned Dorthea is released. Thanks.


    I know it is hard to pinch that little bud on such a small plant. But it IS well worth it sometimes!


    If someone has a chunk of this one to spare…

    It is absolutely lovely!


    If she keeps growing & rooting as easily as she has been, there will be lots of chunks to be had, before winter.


    Beautiful!! Good work Ludger and Pete!!

    Super special!! Wonderful plant!!


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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