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    Patricia Watson

     I found the bloom to be very large but not very frangrant. The blooms are a very pale pink, however our weather has been cool ever since it bloomed out. Has anyone else grown this brug. and what did you like or dislike about it?

    Thanks, Patricia


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    I’ve only seen pictures because my plant is too young to have bloomed – but I’ve fallen in love with several of the pictures of it. It’s never been a dark pink in any of the pictures I’ve seen, but I have seen pictures where it wasn’t as pale as yours is now.


    Very nice Patricia. How does it hold up to the heat?

    Patricia Watson

    Hi Choke, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I have been in Oregon visiting my daughters family. Right now the plant is still small enough that it isn’t getting the full brunt of the heat. As it grows I will no more. But so far it seems to be really doing well. I came home to three new open blooms.



    Oh Patrica that is beautiful, wonder how it would do in south Texas


    Patricia Watson

    Elva, We were 115 two day’s in a row then 113,109,103 and now in the 90’s and it only had a few leaves burn, so it holds up really well.



    It’s a beauty!! It’s so good to hear how well she holds up in the heat!


    Patricia Watson

    Thanks Bonnie !! I just love her.


    She didn’t do well in the heat for me in SE Tx.I liked that her skirt dropped,but she’s not done that for everyone,and not reliably.

    nice fragrance,but not on 1st day.opens green to pink.The pink coloring is nice is solid.The 1st picture is took today…a cold front moveing in.Was 86 yesterday was 76 then dropped to 71 when picture was took and is not 56 out.I’ll post back when this season ends.she’s shaded from the hottest part of sun.could be possible her flowers cooked in clyax in aug/sept.


    It is one of my favorite dbl pinks. Easy to grow and has always been a deep pink,

    smells good in the evening.



    She grew good in Orangevale Ca (N Cal) She's not doiung for me this year,BUT she did great durring the heat and no bug issues.I've not had a good 'bloomin year'


    Very heavy perfume, day or nite, did not hold up well to the sun/heat, though, was finished by about the 5th day.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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