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    A little cutie is sort of like a miniature version of Versi Pink but about 1/3 the size. Flowers often measure as little as 6" long, hanging completely vertical as a Versicolor. The pedicel is short in contrast to most versis, which makes the flowering more compact and closer to the foliage. Flowers open pure white and often don't turn pink until the next afternoon or evening, where the color develops to an antique pink blush tone. Fragrance is slightly citrus and spicy, but not very strong, reminding me of white Trillium. Growth is even and rapid, and blooms very heavily at a young age. Flushes very typical of a true Versicolor, allowing all buds to completely develop before most will open in the same time frame and create a heavy flush, then virtually all flowers are gone at the same time. Appears to flush every 5-8 weeks with no random flowers in between. Better than average insect tolerance. Needs to be pruned often to prevent developing into a large tree to best enjoy the petite flowers. Flowers withstand bright sunlight and high heat, only affecting calyx and leaf droop.


    Cherub looks adorable.

    I can’t WAIT to see some blooms from mine.

    Actually…. I can’t wait to see ANY kind of bloom!

    I will NEVER again over-winter my plants without removing the leaves

    first. Most of mine had leaves when I brought them outside in May.

    The nasty winds stripped the weak leaves and all of the brugs had to re-

    issue new leaves! It took awhile, so I think that’s why I’m so behind.


    Cherub is a nice choice for those of you in hot climates. It is also one of the most pest resistant varieties out there.

    RJ is right about it becoming a giant. I have to chuckle when I see it posted on ebay as a dwarf brug that stays 2-3 feet tall. I have a couple growing in the ground. The one in full sun in not so good soil stays around 6 feet tall. The one in partial shade and great soil is 8-10 feet tall with plenty of leaves over 18 inches long. It is like the plant is on steroids.


    Fred, I remember what you told me early on, so I've never allowed this one to be planted in soil. I'm thankful of that, since it's 6' tall (force plucked) in a 5 gallon pot. I can imagine that it would have been taller, had I not utilized the force routine, since it seemed persistent. Also, the other Cherub I got earlier was from Logee's, and it's 7 feet tall, in great soil and huge leaves.


    I just noticed something with Cherub, and wondered if anyone noticed the same thing? It has typical Versicolor flowers, dangling a bud from each node. However, it budgets the flowers accordingly, not dropping any buds, yet not making any more buds than it will afford to open all at once. It's like it has an internal clock.

    I know this full moon, EVERYTHING followed it's phase. Must've been quite a close moon this time. Anyone know how close we got to the moon this time around? I remember that right before Christmas, the full moon was very close, and it was weird to see how big it was up in the sky. I think it was 10k miles closer than usual. Morgensonne had the heaviest flush it's ever given me during that one.


    Delicate fall color (today).

    Kylie Hunter~Still

    Cherub is one of my all time Fav's.. The Perfect Brug for the heat!



    Kylie, yours is a 6 pointer!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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