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    I have planted seed from J.T. Sessions called : ” Delta Dawn x Jinny Lind” and was wandering if that cross was ever named. Beautifull flower but would like to know if it is named.

    Thank you!


    Every time someone crosses Delta Dawn with Jinny Lind and gets a good seed pod, there will be anywhere between a few and a hundred seeds produced in that seed pod.  But each and every one of them will be a unique individual.   Just like all the human children from two parents will be unique, although they may share a few similarities.

    If your particular seedling is outstanding in some way (i.e. an improvement on either or both parents)  and therefore worthy of giving it an official name and keeping separate from other cultivars (cultivated varieties), please consider reproducing the plant through cuttings or divisions, or air-layers and apply for a name yourself.   Naming is a bit complicated, but it CAN be done if you would like to follow the guidelines of the ICRA:

    Otherwise, please just grow and enjoy your unique seedling(s) for your pleasure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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