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    Patricia Watson

    My Angels Swingtime has finally had it’s first bloom open. The bloom is now two day’s old and is still a single off white. Have any of you that are growing this brug. experienced this. I am hoping it is just because it is the first bloom , otherwise I am going to be terribly disappointed in this plant.


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    Patricia mine has been blooming, it’s kind of light yellow now due to the heat I think. I haven’t seen a ‘single’ on it so far. Post a picture of yours…


    I've only had one bloom on mine so far and it was a double butter yellow. It is loaded with small buds now, but you never know if they will stay on.

    I hope yours gets its act together Patricia.


    I received my Angels Swingtime last fall and had several flowers during the winter months. They were double and had a good yellow color. This year I've only had 3 flowers and while double, the color was off white. :mad I thought it was placed in a perfect spot, receiving sun until early afternoon, so it might have been telling me I was wrong. I now have it in full sun so we will see if the lovely color of yellow returns.


    Patricia Watson

    I asked Eddie about this brug. being he is the one I bought it from. He said if it is too hot it will bloom off white. So I will have to patiently wait until Spring to see what it is going to do for me. It makes me think this one probably isn't a good one for my area though.


    maybe when it gets cooler it will Bloom yellow for you, you have such lovely Brugs, I hope for you that it does Bloom that pretty yellow double that you were looking forward to, fingers & toes crossed for you


    Patricia Watson

    I hope so too Elizabeth, but it is disappointing to know that this one blooms white in the heat. My entire summer almost is lots of heat.


    Patricia, can you move it to a cooler spot in your garden?

    I salvaged one from the front, that was drooping in the heat
    and relocated it to the back, under the California Lilac tree.
    It seems to be OK now.

    Patricia Watson

    This has been a great bloomer for me so far this Spring. Last year she threw double white blooms all summer but early Spring in the greenhouse she was loaded will gorgeous, well shaped butter yellow blooms. Since I moved her outside, she started out with a nice yellow flush, but this next flush is almost cream. I am thinking she blooms the yellow in cooler temperatures and when it get's warmer she blooms cream. I would like to hear other's experince with this brug. The blooms on this brug. last a long time before wilting which is a real plus.


    Nice to hear it like the heat Love the yellows! Hopefully before fall I can see a flower here


    Been interested in this one for a while. You have to figure AKA is using the same successful crosses over and over again (with each successive generation presenting shades of the parental cross). Same crosses with slightly varied outcomes color-wise.


    Looks really nice. I like the color of those blooms.

    I have this one on the side of the greenhouse but I don't think this one has buds yet. Something to look forward to in a while. :thumbsup:

    Patricia Watson

    As much as I love the flowers on this one it doesn’t seem to be a robust as most of my brugs.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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