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    ‘Golden Lady’ X ‘Whiskers’ double yellow cross. I am unsure about the year released or if it is released. I see that the photo in the Family Tree is from 2003. Hybridized by Gloria Lessner.

    This brug has been a good bloomer for me this fall. I recieved this in March 2005 as a small rooted cutting. I have been happy with her growth this year. The blooms are small double yellow. I am going to over-winter her and watch her next year. Very good scent even in the day time.


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    Recieved as a cutting last fall, mine grew well into a narrow 6 ft tree. She flowered lightly in a year when several heave bloomers barely bloomed either. Several flowers were quite nice, but others were overstuffed and somewhat deformed. She has also produced a pod when so many other brugs would not, due to heat. I look forward to a “normal” summer, to see what she can really do.


    Pretty one, have heard it sometimes is deformed.

    Gloria promised everyone on BGI a start of it. Shortly after that, she died of cancer.


    I gave mine away. The blooms were some what deformed and so I didnt want to keep working with her.


    I love mine.The blooms are not the “best” double but it is a double and the only yellow that I know of.Mine sets pods like mad.I have hope for some of her seedlings.


    Give it a chance to grow awhile then it will bloom, bloom, bloom.

    It does have nice yellow blooms. They are smaller, but remain for a good while.

    It’s leaves are a nice feature also. It handles the heat well.


    I think what I like most about this one, is the ‘prickly’ haired leaves with the deep serrations. They look ferocious! :biggrin:



    I need to go out and take new photos of this one! She's getting huge and the leaves do like full sun all day, but the more sun, the more prickly the leaves get and the deeper the serrations get!!!! WOW!!!


    American Pride hates me. I gave up on it. I have tossed 2 of them they just seem to get a funk on the stem and nothing I do fixes it so I gave up. lolol


    Mine succumbed to fungus.

    Patricia Watson

    I lost the one you sent me Cassie, I too have given up on it. There are too many reliable brugs. to grow to have to fight this one.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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