Ever wonder what seemingly endless possibilities might result from a given cross? How often would 'Mountain Magic' pass on that beautiful dark pink to her seeds... or in her pollen? Will 'Dorthea' pass on those amazing tendrils? What have been the results of 'Dr. Seuss' crosses in the past?

Well, we are taking one step closer to answering some of those questions. Introducing the BGI Hybridizer's Database. In this database will be listed various crosses and their results - those pretty, and those not so pretty. Everyone will have the ability to both view AND add to the database as you make your own crosses and see the results. You will see the pod parent, pollen parent, seedling name (or seedling identifier if it's an unnamed/unreleased seedling), and, of course, a photo. Photos are important - without one, it makes an entry pointless.

Everyone is encouraged to enter any and all seedlings you grow out. Ugly, plain, old whites and the prettiest pinks! The more information it holds, the more valuable a resource it becomes.

You can search the database by Pod Parent, Pollen Parent, Hybridizer and Seedling Parent, so if you want to see what kind of mother 'Whiskers' is, you can search by the "Pod Parent" and look up her progeny!

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Hybridizer's Database

  Seedling Identifier    Pod Parent    Pollen Parent    Hybridizer    Seedling Parent    Released    Year Released    Comments/Growing Info    Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4
MSxTAB-GP-1 Marshmallow Sunset Tabby Gill Peters Gill Peters No I have to admit I am really disappointed with this result.
I was hoping for a double at least with interesting colouration.
A strong healthy plant with mid green oval leaves.
Blooms are chubby and a creamy white. It's only saving grace is a hint of colour around the corolla edge and along the long corolla tips.
MAxSCL-GP-4 Margaret Schlossburg Gill Peters Gill Peters No Creamy double with very long corolla tips. Large bloom on a strong plant with mid green oval leaves.
Has had no real problems with bugs.
BxDG-WM-3 Buddy Dola Goldentrumpet Wayne Meyers Wayne Meyers No Nice wax single orange, flowered at 2.5 feet.
Honey like scent with nice long tendrils.
Both previous seedlings were doubles, but this one had other ideas.
DR xTL-BS-3 Dark Rosetta Theas Liebling Bernhard Saathoff Bernhard Saathoff No well growing plant, 8 ft high, vigorous, blooming after 2 years now.                    
BXELDXGM-1 Butterfly EL Dorado Gary Morales Wayne Meyers No Good strong growth, presently in cool climate here in early October it's a pink blush. Great scent, strong almond and talc like. Very waxy bloom.
Will keep for next year to see how it colours up.
BxA-WM-2 Buddy Archangel Wayne Meyers Wayne Meyers No Grow to 4 foot tall before flowering, good pest resistant leaves, and good shape to flower. But no real colour on first bloom.                    
TGxMMT-AH-AM-2014-22-1 Taita's Gift Monika's Meroo Tagtraum Alistair Hay (Aus) AL Maas (US) No Large-growing plant. Foliage extremely variable between irregularly pinnate in vegetative growth to more broadly ovate when flowering. Large double white blooms with heavy substance and fragrance age to melon color. Long corolla points. Generous bloomer.                    
DLA x TF-GP-1 Double L'Amour Tutti Frutti Gill Peters Gill Peters No This is Costa Rican Lady's pod sister. A completely different form. Large bloom on a strong growing healthy plant. Mid pink with darker inner skirts which have not dropped on this bloom. I am hoping for a fuller bloom from other flowers on this cross.                    
BxDG-WM-2 Buddy Dola Goldentrumpet Wayne Meyers Terry Simmons/Wayne Meyers No Good compact waxy bloom, yellow in colour with long tendrils.
Great scent like Dola G, leaves are strong with serrated edges.
A keeper!
M X M-DC-4 M.E.W Marley Dan Carter Wayne Meyers No Large Pink Aurea hybrid, very large tendrils.
Archangel type of pink.
Very strong scent, blooming on a 2 foot plant.
good strong tough leaves.
Looking foward to more blooms on this seedling.
DRxTL-BS-2 Dark Rosetta Theas Liebling Bernhard Saathoff Bernhard Saathoff No Another cultivar of DR x Theas Liebling, foliage as Dark Rosetta, scented, seems to be a good bloomer                    
ASxAS-DS-4 Aube Sanguine Angel Sunstar Didier Silvestre Wayne Meyers No Bloomed at just under 2 ft with double yellow flowers.
Some two tiered, some stuffed, some with a orange blush inside. No problem with pests with the thin leaves, and this has a nice sweet scent.
ZxAS-DS-3 Zumba Aube Sanguine Didier Silvestre Wayne Meyers No Aube Sanguines genes are very prevalent in this cross spread more across the bloom.
The flower shape is a smaller bell shape bith a pleasant scent. Another great DS cross.
BxA-WM-1 Buddy Archangel Wayne Meyers Wayne Meyers No Single pink. Has Archangel's colour but is pendant in position. It shows its genes early on like Butterfly, and later flares out looking like a witches hat.
Great scent and buds well.
DR x BB-BS.17 Dark Rosetta Bambina Bernhard Saathoff Bernhard Saathoff No Healthy strong plants, flowering in the second year, scented and position of blossoms between both parents. Plants y-ing ab 1.50 to 2.20 meters. Waxy surface when opening.                    
PCxMEM-AM-21-2 Pink Charm Miss Emily MacKenzie Al Maas Al Maas No Nice enough. Very Fragrant and quite dark in color. Not a decided improvement on either parent.
I may keep it for a few years, though, as it is darker red than any other brugs I have here.
MEW x MRY Miss Edith Winnette Marley Dan Carter Patricia Watson No This brugmansia was a strong grower. It was growing in a large pot but stayed relatively small but I think that might be because our season got started so late. It has single pale pink/peach blooms that almost look translucent with long teeth and blooms horizontal. I noticed it has a light sweet fragrance and didn't seem to be bothered by insects. The more I see this brug. the more I like it.                    
AE x GE Angels Exotic Golden Explosion Fred Sommer Patricia Watson No This plant has a very small stature, being only approx. 3 ft. tall when it had it's first flush. I could not detect a fragrance and broad mites seem to like it. The flowers are light pink single blooms and of no special interest.                    
ZxAS-DS-2 Zumba Aube Sanguine Didier Silvestre Terry Simmons/Wayne Meyers No Flowered at 3 foot tall, good growing habit, flowering on short branches.
Colour is between salmon and watermelon, maybe 38/39 on the BG Scale.
SF x AX Sweet Fantasy Angels Exotic Fred Sommer Patricia Watson No A good growing plant with double or more white flowers with curly teeth. I have not had problems with insects on this plant and it blooms in lg. flushes. It has medium green , medium sized leaves.                    
ASL x OS) x SM (A. Summer Love x Orange Sensation #1) Sam Patricia Watson Patricia Watson No This is an unusual looking flower. The veins in the flower is darker than the petals. It has been a healthy plant but of a smaller stature. It has long dark green narrow leaves with a wavy edge. It is a double or more pink bloom with a flat face. It has the fragrance of lemon pledge.                    
GC x CL Grasshoppers Choice Clementine Dianne Wilson Patricia Watson No This is a robust plant that handles the heat very well. It is a double yellow with large medium green leaves and the fragrance reminds me of lemon meringue pie.The plant has not been bothered by insects.                    
MSxPP-GP-1 Marshmallow Sunset Pink Pizazz Gill Peters Gill Peters No Single, baby pink blooms with long corolla tips and a vanilla/citrus scent. Strong growing plant. No real issue with bugs.                    
MSxASD-GP-1 Marshmallow Sunset A. Shredded Dress Gill Peters Gill Peters No Strong growing plant. Shredded single cream/pale yellow blooms with a strong vanilla scent. No issue with bugs.                    
ZxAS-DS-1 Zumba Aube Sanguine Didier Silvestre Wayne Meyers No 16 inch seedling.
Good healthy plant with Didier's signature shape and Aube Sanguine's genes shining through.
Has a nice slight sweet scent, and as its a first bloom I believe it will colour up in warmer weather.
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